The Smell of Fresh Carpet

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Hello and welcome to Popcornography.. This site is very much still in the oven, and were currently throwing all the ingredients together, its starting to smell nice but we still have to buy the cutlery and have no plates… Fear not! The starter is served (on your lap!)

We are a small handful of students up in the NorthEast of England currently studying Media and we’re on a mission to create an interesting space on the internet celebrating everything that is great with today’s technology and entertainment. Other than being able to write amazing poems we have a huge passion for film, enjoy interactive entertainment and love to debate much of todays media.

The thing is we want to share this with the world and hopefully interest other people into coming together and chatting about it. We would like to go on a journey together into the world of online media and see just how far this kangaroo hole goes.

We’d love you all to join us, put on them hiking boots (or slippers.. the mountain isn’t particularly high) and follow us on this fascinating journey. For now though…. Waste some more of your precious time on this wonderfully empty (for now) blog.

RickWritten by: Rick Masters

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