The Irony! 26 Brilliant Pictures!


What are he chances?? Coincidental or Ironic? Who cares? Most of these are events would cause all sorts of life stresses and anger but there are times when it would be impossible not to see the funny side!


RickWritten By: Rick Masters

1. No, No you don’t….

2. They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our……..

1 iphone
3. What a breathe of fresh air..  Some honest advertising!


3 near misss
4. Not really mate.

5 thankyou
5. Take heed.

6 safety first
6. Well, at least its well-lit.

7 planning
7. I’d avoid that “Ollege”

8 dom
8. I’ll have a side order of irony.

9 advert
9. A successful advert?

10 dem flames
10. Dem flames look so real bro!

11 stone
11. Nothing! Nothing at all!

12 unfoeseen
12. Joe No Power.

13 tis but a scratchhhhh
13. Hope that wizard has some miracle spell.

14 fire
14. Quick call the….. Ohhh

15 news hits home
15. To be fair, It comes exactly as advertised.

16 wind seeker
16. You’re all talk Mr Wind Seeker!

17 ok
17. OK.

18 begins with you
18. That’s a hard-hitting message.

19 gym
19. Well you don’t want to tire yourself out before you even get there!

20 school of safe driving
20. Say Damn!

21 one stop
21. Make that two….

22 been hit
22. “Ermm Hello… is that Neil?”

23 bird
23. Does what he wants.

25 never stop
24. We never stop working for you….

3 dead endd
25. Ain’t that the truth.

24 roof
26. Good opportunity for me to tell you my roof joke… But I’m worried it’d go straight over your head.

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