Twitter to show Tweets from other Tweeters.


Twitter have announced that you will now come across random tweets in your timeline from other tweeters which whom you do not follow!

Now I’m going to be honest with you… I like to peek through windows on a night, over the years I have become attached to certain places, places which give me amusement, pleasure & sometimes a prickly bum… I like to follow certain people… People who are interesting, attractive or weird.
Now I’m divulging this information to make a point… (and to show off that I’ve never been caught) If these said people were to move house without me knowing and I peered longingly through their window one perfectly normal Sunday evening and see someone else’s steak & kidney pie then I’d be a little taken aback. (You don’t want to be taken by surprise while balancing precariously from a tree branch, I promise you that.)
Twitter have decided to do just this, Random people will now be popping up in your binoculars timeline, which, if twitter have got all the fancy tech algorithms correct , should show information that actually interests you. It looks at a number of factors such as the popularity of said tweet, how many of your current followers have interacted with it & how many of your friends follow said tweeter.

This is apparently “to make your home timeline even more relevant & interesting” and help you find new friends along the way. At time of writing there is no way to opt out of this but would you want to? How do you feel about twitter deciding who’s bare bottom you she through the bedroom window? Let us know in the comments below.

RickWritten by: Rick Masters

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