Extra Life – Gaming to save lives.

Extra Life
24hr Gaming Marathon raises $5.1Million.

RickWritten By: Rick Masters

Tori Enmon of Orange, Texas sadly died in 2008 from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. From that a close friend, Jeromy Adams, better known by his radio name, “Doc.” Who had spent countless hours playing video games with her over the years decided to establish a charity event in her honour and to raise awareness for all childhood illnesses.

And so ‘Extra Life’ was launched, Gamers across the world would play for a full 24hr period, most streaming their adventures online for audiences to watch – and since 2008 its only got bigger and bigger with last year raking in a cool $4 Million for 170 children’s hospitals, which get 100% of the cash raised.

This year Extra Life started on Saturday, October 25th. Any game can be played, be it a board game, video game or anything in-between and it doesn’t have to be done on the 25th, many gamers are still taking part at this very moment raising even more money for this amazing charity.

So far the total funds raised have hit an all time high of $5.1Million, with that figure expected to rise even higher over the next weeks. For more information on extra life be sure to check the official website here .

Tori Enmon

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