Xbox “Feed Me” – Order food through your TV

All your entertainment needs… And now it’ll even cook your tea!

RickWritten By: Rick Masters

Kinect for Xbox One has had a hard time recently, Even in the early days it was seen as a kids play thing, A daft plastic add-on for ‘casual’ gamers – Myself (and I’d imagine quite a few who bothered to plug the thing into their new shiny console) actually really likes this tech, Excluding the new fancy graphics its one of the main things that makes this feel like a true Next Gen console.

The ability to walk into the room and tell your xbox to ‘Turn On’ followed by it recognising you and auto signing you in, Yelling ‘Xbox Record that’ when I finally get that new pair of collectible leggings in ‘Barbie’s Bird Hunting Adventure Game’, Tracking where the controller is and who is playing, ensuring their profile is signed in – You’d be left thinking ‘is there anything it can’t do???, Will it cook me my dinner…. L.O.L.

Well Yes, Yes it will. Thats if the new reports are to be believed. Apparently Pizza giant Domino’s is prepping an app where you can scream at your TV ‘MAKE ME FOOD’ and some inner magic happens, 20minutes later a pizza is at your door. Who needs to pick up a phone, Right?! – Rumours suggest this will become reality sometime between now and Christmas.

So if you have been using kinect for all the party and fitness games we’re supposed to hate, You can now use it to get yourself all fat again! Hazarr!
Instantly hungry right now!

Microsoft, If you’re listening….. If my xbox could massage my tired feet and actually spoon feed me my freshly delivered pizza then THATS when I’ll truly believe we’re into the next generation! (ill also never leave my house again.)

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