First Microsoft Lumia Phone due to be revealed next week

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A new chapter for Windows Phone.

RickWritten By: Rick Masters

In April Microsoft delved into its bottomless pockets and threw a small $7.2 Billion change at Nokia to acquire the phone company including their Lumia devices. Having ran windows phone software for a number of years the deal certainly seemed to make sense and with the extra financial clout from Microsoft it now has the resources to take the fight to the big boys.

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Apple and Samsung currently roam the playground like they own the place (currently they do) however Tuesday Microsoft will be revealing its brand new Microsoft branded phone, dropping the Nokia name all together. It’s a fresh start. Just what they will be introducing to the playground is anyones guess but what is for certain is that it has to be something special. Google’s android Operating System currently runs on around 85% of mobile devices worldwide. In contrast Windows Mobile Operating system is on around 2.5%. Its one hell of an uphill battle for the big M.

So what do you want to see from Microsoft? What can it do that other phones have yet done? Whatever they have planned there’s not long to wait, ready your weapons Microsoft, You have one hell of a battle ahead of you.

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