Jurassic World – Teaser Trailer

jurassic world
Peak through the jaws at a park – very nearly ready for vistors.

We now live in a world, believe it or not, where we get trailers for trailers, I personally think its mad – Excluding this one!

My excitement levels are through the roof for the new installment of  Jurassic Park, Since I was a child I have loved Dinos and having seen the first film in the cinema with my parents (terrified I might add) I was hooked. I have waited patiently for quite some time for a new one.

Over-due this film certainly is!! Over 14 years since ‘Jurassic Park 3’ we finally return to island. They have sorted out its problems, have gotten everything under control and now opened up to the public.. just how that got the go ahead is beyond me! (talk about a legal nightmare!)

Check the teaser below and come back on thursday for the full 2:33 trailer!

Are you excited?

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