Trailer Overload!

Trailer Overload
He was a trailer boy, she said “Come see these movies, boy.”

RickWritten By: Rick Masters

MOVIES! arrggg  TRAILERS arrggg  2015 arrggggggg!!
I’ve recently starting thinking of my Film of the Year and I’ve realised just how kind 2014 has been to us with quality films. However I’ve recently started to feel a faint rumbling through my abnormally large feet, As I look around to pinpoint where these vibrations are coming from I see in the distance, coming over the horizon, a huge dust storm swirling. Created by what can only be described as a stampede of UNSTOPPABLE, BLOCKBUSTERING AMAZINGNESS OF MOVIE ENTERTAINMENT!

2015 is shaping up to the one of the greatest years for film releases EVER! Just some of them include ‘San Andreas’‘Terminator Genisys’ , ‘In The Heart Of The Sea’. Not forgetting the roar of the Dinos in ‘Jurassic World’ Ohh and there’s the smaller films: ”Star Wars’ AND ‘The Avengers’ (Nope never heard of them either?) SO MANY MORE TOO!

I’ve included the 4 latest trailers below which consist of hot tubs, a dusty tesco car park, what really goes on in a womans mind and a chavy Bond recruit. Enjoy!

The sequel to the hilarious 2010 movie of the same name (minus the 2) comes ‘Hot Tub Time Machine 2’

When water runs out and people start killing each other WITH THEIR CARS, then it’s perhaps time to move house? Plus sand in the shoes & eyes must be a real pain living there, Forever sweeping. Come to think of it though, watching Max move house would be a far less appealing film to go see at the cinema.

If you’ve ever read ‘The Beano’ comic then you may have heard of the Numskulls. This is basically a straight copy of that. Well stolen Pixar. A great film for the kids next year (and when I say “for the kids” I obviously mean me!)

The legend that is Colin Firth trains a young, down and out chav to become the next kick arse secret agent. Samuel L. Jackson does what he does best and TRIES TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD. (this looks so good)

So much awesome! Which films are you most looking forward to the most in 2015?

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