Popcornography’s TOP 10 Movies of 2014

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Before we go forward let’s have a little look back… Popcornography’s Top 10 Movies 2014

RickWritten By: Rick Masters

If you listened to our Christmas Podcast you’ll know exactly what our numero uno movies for 2014 were but I’ve decided to make a cup of coffee (meant to make tea) sit down and have a good long think about what my top 10 favourite are. I’ve then decided to share my thoughts with you lot (see it as a very early (or slightly late) christmas present).

Beginning this list I knew they’d be a few films that would definitely be on it without doubt, what has surprised me is I thought they’d be up in the top half of the list. When looking through everything they slowly got knocked down for one reason or another and so… turning the key and starting the engine for this years top 10 list… only to realise the windscreen is frozen over is….

10. Guardians of the Galaxy
guardians of the galaxy

Number 10 on the list sounds bad doesn’t it? But trust me it’s not, there’s been so many great films this year and I loved this release! The characters were brilliant (who doesn’t love Groot?) The not too serious, lighthearted style was refreshing and the effects were stunning.

09. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Dawn_of_the_Planet_of_the_Apes I was at the cinema day of release to see this film and was hugely excited. It didn’t let me down! Some of the greatest effects I’ve ever seen, To be pulled into a story so believable when 70% of the film is CGI and to have emotional feelings towards these characters is something quite special. I only wish the battles were bigger nearer the end, for the future sequel I’d like to see the fight between man and ape on an even larger scale.

08. Edge of Tomorrow
Edge_of_Tomorrow_PosterTom cruise kicking arse against an alien race (which confusingly travelled millions of light years across space but can’t cross the english channel) relives D-Day over and over again thanks to killing some master alien connected to the grave mind thing which ca…. Ohhh I have no idea! But I enjoyed the film, A bit stupid? yes. Enjoyable? absolutely.

07. Locke
LockeWhat a performance from Tom Hardy!! There are very few films that can keep my attention when the WHOLE film takes place in one location. It requires first class acting and he does it brilliantly (even pulling off a pretty convincing Welsh accent throughout) A simple low-budget drama set entirely in his car, on the eve of the biggest challenge of his career he receives a phone call that would change everything. Simply brilliant.

06. The Equalizer
The_Equalizer_posterAny film with Danzel Washington in is usually a win win for me and this was no exception. We follow a simple man who enjoys simple things until he meets a young girl who gets herself into a spot of bother… We then realise this man has quite a mysterious past. For full on action and BOOM, SMASH, HELL YEAH then you can’t go wrong with this!

05. Predestination

PredestinationTime travelling isn’t simple, its one of the most complicated, ridiculous things you can ever attempt to get your head around. This film handles the confusion very well & left me scouring the internet for other people’s opinions… That’s a rare thing. In fact I enjoyed this film so much I loved it before I’d even pressed play… before they’d even made it… I actually watched in 1845 while listening to 80’s music and stamping on bugs.

04. Transcendence
TranscendenceAnother film that tackles quite a complicated theory. Just how powerful our minds could be if uploaded into cyber space?  A great performance by Johnny Depp and a story that keeps you hooked right up to the films climax.

03. The Lego Movie

The_Lego_Movie_posterEverything is awesome! Lego is literally taking over the world, not only does it feel like every other game released for consoles this year has been a Lego game but it’s now set up a powerful foothold in Movie space, guaranteed to return for at least another 7 gazillion films and you know what? I’m awesome with that! You could say.. this film was put together masterfully, great for children (me) and adults alike.

02. X-Men: Days of Future Past
X-Men_Days_of_Future_Past_posterI’ve always been a huge fan of the Xmen films but it pains me to say that X-Men 3: Last Stand was a little weak to say the least. This film is not only brilliant with one of the best superhero scenes ever (Quicksilver pentagon arse whopping) the cast were first class 😉 one of the greatest gatherings of actors ever and best of all it repairs all the damage caused by the weaker third film. The film focuses more this time on Mystique and her battle between right and wrong, torn between professor X and Magneto. Hugh Jackman features heavily again but I’m ok with that… Wolverine never gets old. 😉


01. Interstellar

So here we are, My number one film from the year that was 2014. I’ll set the scene… I’d just completed a 12 hour night shift, I hadn’t slept for 30+ hours, I was tired, cold, dirty, 28years old & in the mood for a pizza. I met some friends and they carried me into the cinema. I got comfy and settled down for what I thought was going to be about 5 minutes of film before visiting nod nod town… BUT I NEVER WENT TO NOD NOD TOWN!
Interstellar grabbed me, teased me, prodded me in the face repeatedly and shook me round till I was a sweaty mess, I was on the edge of my seat throughout and was absolutely blown away. This is the pinnacle of special effects… In this the effects don’t just help tell the story, they pull you so far in you feel like youre in space, weightless and dizzy. Three hour films don’t sit well with me (I don’t sit well for 3 hours, my bums hurts) but it felt just right and never drags. A clever ending which clears up the confusion at the start wraps the film up well. Christopher Nolan you have made a film I will watch many many times, The Blu-ray release can’t come quick enough.


So that was 2014. I’d just like to quickly add that at the time of writing I hadnt had the chance to see Fury and I feel this has the potentional to rank quite high.  Keep an eye on Popcornograpy for my review once I’ve dived into that one!

Do you agree with my list? Have I missed a film that warrents a nuckle to my face? Everyone has their own opinons & I’d love to hear your favourites!

2015 is shaping up to be even bigger year with releases such as:  Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Avengers, Mad Max, San Andreas and soooo many more. Be sure to stick with us throughout the year for all the reviews, previews, trailers and news… right here on Your Digital Entertainment Hub!

Happy New Year guys!

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  1. Can agree with quite a lot in this list except Transcendence. Thought it was such a disappointing movie that had a cool concept, but executed it poorly. Although Predestination didn’t make it into my own top 10 list it is nice to see it given some attention.

    • Thanks! I loved the idea behind Transendence and really enjoyed it personally. Ive checked your list out and theres a number of films you’ve peaked my interest in. Also ‘HER’ just missed out on my list, great little film that felt very unique.

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