Popcornography’s Most Anticipated Movies 2015 (Part 1)

Popcornography 2015 movies Part 1
PART ONE of Popcornography’s most anticipated movies of 2015.

RickWritten By: Rick Masters

Welcome to Popcornography’s two-part post looking at the very best movies 2015 has to offer. 2015 actually has the potential of being one of the greatest years in cinema… Hell Minions is coming out!! If you havent got a monthly cinema card already it might now be worth while investing in one now. (Saying the words “Popcornography is the swag!” when purchasing your membership card at any participating cinema will guarantee you some…. funny looks).
Below are a list of films I’ve picked out, from the guaranteed blockbusters to the hidden gems. OK let’s gooo…

Avengers: Age of Ultron
24 April 2015 (UK) Action/Adventure
Age of UltronWe’ll start with one of the big ones yeah? “Get over here big lad, don’t be shy. That’s it…. Introduce yourself….” *Silence*
Well luckily this film needs no introduction. This film will be everywhere, from your lunchboxes to your toilet paper. The Marvel advertising campaign has already began, we’ve already had 10,657 trailers for the damn thing, each a second longer than the last and YES Marvel I’m already pumped up for this. Its gonna be god damn awesome and if its not??? Well who cares you’ll have still made enough money from this to buy the Galaxy & fund another 6 million films!

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens
18 December 2015 (UK) Action/Adventure TRAILER
StarWarsTalk about pressure, J.J. Abrams will probably fearing for his life when this gets unleashed upon the world, These trekies… I mean… Starrr..lords? Whatever you call them, they’re a hard bunch to please. Some live their lives by the code of the force, speak like this they do and warm their milk up with laser pens. It just holds onto 2015 with a December release date.. You can almost see the Christmas merchandising teams rubbing the hands together with a little greedy smile!! So we have sometime before this hits… luckily we have other films to keep us entertained till then… we do.

17 July 2015 (UK) Action/Sci-Fi TRAILER
Ant-ManI went to a positivity workshop the other day, the class was half empty, *BaBumTish* I went there to try to convince myself that this would be a good film. When I say half empty, i meant the other guy didn’t turn up so I still don’t know…. I mean look at that poster! Someone got paid thousands to do that. The first trailer looks OK (You can watch that here) and I quite like Paul Rudd but Ant-Man. Seriously? I’d be seriously pissed off if I was comparing my powers against….. well any other superhero! Deadpool would never let me live it down!  He’d pick on me till I felt this small.

Jurassic World
12 June 2015 (UK) Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi TRAILER
Jurassic WorldIf you’ve been following this website for the past couple of months you’ll know that I’m a bit of a fan of the Jurassic Series. The first two being my all time favourite movies. Director Colin Trevorrow picks up the reigns for this outing and features fresh off the success of Guardians of the Galaxy (which did quite well) Chris Pratt. The Park has re-opened and things are all going surprising well, However I have a feeling it wont last.. its gonna kick off like Dino-mite! The trailer got me all scaly and slobbering like a T-Rex (I then ate a goat whole). I’m hoping for great things.  (Watch the trailer here)

23 October 2015 (UK) Action/Adventure
SpectreNow it couldn’t be the greatest year for movies without a Bond film being released. MI6 knew this and they never fail (at least I don’t think they do… they never tell me anything!) Daniel Craig (Best Bond EVER) returns & this time he’s on a mission to uncover some sinister organization that he’s lead to by some cryptic message… or so says the official blurb. He probably impregnates a number of “lucky” ladies, trashes a million pound supercar and kills a small army of bad guys all while intoxicated. For England James!


Mad Max: Fury Road
15 May 2015 (UK) Action/Adventure/Thriller TRAILER
Mad MaxTom Hardy can do no wrong and he continues to impress me with all his performances throughout 2014. Here he stars as the famous Mad Max. He’s Mad and he’s called Max (driving on Fury Road?) He’s in a “stark desert landscape where humanity is broken, and almost everyone is crazed fighting for the necessities of life.” “There’s Max, a man of action and a man of few words, who seeks peace of mind following the loss of his wife and child in the aftermath of the chaos.” (IMDb Plot Summary) Well that explains why he’s mad (that or he’s got sand in his shoes)

26 June 2015 (UK) Comedy/Animation TRAILER
MinionsI’m a massive kid at heart (and head) and after seeing the trailer for this I’m really looking forward to it! (See it here) And I mean, check out the poster! Stuart! Kevin! BOB! does it get any better than that? I mean there’s a Kevin in it for Christ sake! A prequel to the brilliant Despicable Me, we follow the little yellow buggers through the ages as they try to find a worthy master to serve, if it can fire out jokes throughout the whole movie like it does in the trailer then this will be an amazing film for both adults and me.


10 July 2015 (UK) Comedy
TED 2The dirty little bastard returns to the big screen and very little is known of this film so far, so to fill this space I’m going to give you a few little facts instead… you OK with that? Good! (or tough!)
This is the first time Mark Wahlberg has appeared in the original and sequel of a movie. INTERESTING ISNT IT!?
It’s highest grossing R-rated live action comedy of all time. Didnt know that did you?
A snails anus is located on the back of their neck’s so when they go make a doo doo they poo on themselves – Nothing to do with TED but interesting nevertheless.

San Andreas
29 May 2015 (UK) Disaster/Action/Thriller TRAILER
San AndreasI’m a sucker for disaster movies, the plot may be thinner than my dads g-string and the acting as bad as my jokes but I love the whole spectacle and this one HAS THE ROCK IN IT! That’s right, Dwayne “DO YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING”  Johnson fights for his life as a huge earthquake rips apart San Andreas. His daughter gets caught up in it and its his job to blah blah blah… no-one cares just show me explosions!  Again it couldn’t be the greatest year for movies if it was missing a big budget disaster movie, hopefully this earthquake flick will be all that it’s cracked up to be.

27 March 2015 (UK) Adventure/Drama TRAILER
CinerellaI used to know Cinderella on a personal level… No really I did!  Last I saw of her was when she volunteered for my local football team… she never made the cut, she kept running away from the ball. Luckily she got re-cast to play herself again in a new Cinderella film! It’s finally making its way to the silver screen, If you’ve never heard of Cinder…. AH Come on! this must the 67th version of this Disney classic.. however it seems us cinema goers never get bored with this magical tail of a woman who loses a shoe…


Fifty Shades Of Grey
13 February 2015 (UK) Drama/Romance
Fifty Shades of GreyGod give me strength! I have to write about this. Yes, probably deep down I’m slightly jealous of the handsome, rich, sex addict that is Mr Grey (Grey? Gray? hang on……*runs to dictionary… “Both are used throughout the English-speaking world. But gray is more common in American English, while grey is more common in all the other main varieties of English” Ahhh UK English wins! Take that America!) One for the ladies, the sensitive men and the lads who get dragged kicking and screaming by the other half. Fun fact for you: the man who named the White house wrote this series of books…. That fact isn’t true at all.

Furious 7
3 April 2015 (UK) Action/Crime/Thriller TRAILER
Furious 7The 7th and quite possibly the final installment of the illegal street racing turned police investigation crime fighting nonsense that is “Furious 7” returns. The sad loss of Paul Walker in 2013 caused huge delays with the movie and almost had it cancelled but with the use of special effects, script re-writes and Pauls brother they have somehow managed to complete the film. I was a huge fan of the first few films but I personally feel they lost their way. They still seem massively popular though & I’m pretty sure I’ll go see this, even if it is just to see Paul’s final film.

Jupitar Ascending
6 February 2015 (UK) Action/Adventure/Fantasy
Jupiter AscendingFrom the makers of The Matrix Trilogy this film has a lot of potential and the idea of it really interests me. Mankind’s journey didn’t begin on earth, it was seeded by a foreign dynasty a long long time ago. Turns out Mila Kunis is out of this world (I’ve known this for sometime) and is the rightful queen. Starring Channing Tatum who has to try save her (and likely fall in love with her and blah de blah) this special effect heavy blockbuster could go either way, Im hoping for something as special as the original Matrix and not the overly complicated nonsense that was Ergo, Vis-A-Vis… Matrix Resolutions. Colour me intrigued.

So there we have it, Some of the latest and greatest films coming this year. BUT hold up, thats not all!!…. There are so many more lining up to take our money at the box office, so many that we couldnt fit them all into one post. Check back early next week for part deux of Popcornography’s Most Anticipated Movies of the year! (I told you 2015 was something special) For all the latest updates and trailers for everything 2015 and beyond keep it right here at Popcornography.


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