Windows 10 – The Big M’s Big News

New operating system, amazing new tech and a bright new future. Big M’s Windows 10 event detailed.

RickWritten By: Rick Masters

Today has been a huge day for the computer giant Microsoft. It wasnt just another simple promo event, it was the day Microsoft set out their stall for the future.

First they concentrated on the basics, exactly what you can expect from their new operating system launching later this year. They are going for the all-in-one system, across PC, tablets and phone. Whatever you do on one will be waiting for you on another. This announcement wasnt a huge surprise, its something Microsoft have been building up to for years, with a number of elements featured on current operating systems. It’s being done right this time however, No separate apps, no fragmentation, simply there.

windows 10 event 2015

They then went on to reveal that Internet Explorer is being dismantled and Spartan is its replacement. A web browser that you can share stuff much quicker and simpler along with direct input support (You can doodle all over it and send to a friend still with its live links) A readers super mode thing that compiles the site into a more reader friendly format and can be saved for offline viewing is also featured.

Cortana was next up,she is now integrated straight into the operating system, now unleashed from Windows Phone she can learn what you like from your activity on PC, phone and your tablets. They touted her as being your complete personal assistant, Soon to start judgement day and harvesting our bodies I’m sure… Until she realises this though I’ll bet she be awesome!

One piece of news that did surprise me though is that anyone running Windows 8.1 will be entitled to upgrade to Windows 10 for FREE. For the first year anyone on the older OS can simply upgrade to the new fancy for diddly squat. Lovely.

Xbox Windows 10

Then keeping with their all-in-one approached they showed off their gaming plans for PC. Now more interconnected than ever with Xbox, you have the full dashboard on Windows 10 along with some of the best features of Xbox. Game DVR is right there to be used in any PC game you’re playing. Something amazing happens within your game you can launch this new ‘capture the moment’ feature and have it loaded onto the activity feed for all players (Xbox & PC) to see. Voice chat across systems will now be supported, along with cross format play with select games. (Fable being the only one announced so far)

Xbox Windows 10 2

They plan to have many of the ID games now work across systems too, fully connected and shared across devices. If the game is only on Xbox then the brand new stream ability allowing you to play direct from your Xbox onto anyΒ  Windows 10 device in the house should suffice! Missus hogging the TV watching hour four of X-factor? Just jump into bed with your surface and fire up Halo. Simples.

They then unveiled a big arse TV thing called the Surface Hub. Basically a giant surface for use in meeting rooms, lectures and classrooms. A fancy whiteboard that can handle video conferencing, 3-d stuff and other work related joys.

Then Microsoft dropped the bomb! Their true vision for the future, the next step after keyboard and mouse, touch screen and voice control. Holograms using Microsoft’s HoloLens headset.

Augmented reality seems to be the big M’s idea of the future, no longer do you have to buy a giant TV that hides that delightful wallpaper, throw Microsoft’s fancy new goggles on and have a TV appear there, as big as you like. Have games come to life and jump around your living room, Skype with your dog, with his face hanging from your lampshade while you cook chicken. It was all pretty damn impressive. (Video at the bottom of the page)

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s next big step, Unity is the message of the day, fully connected through every device. Escaping the need of hundreds of separate apps, having everything together, simple and clean. Having your information with you everywhere and with the hologram HoloLens, quite literally, anywhere!

Check out the promo video below:

What are you most excited about? Is this a day one upgrade? How do fancy a life surrounded by holograms? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I feel that now most of my devices are out dated and need of an upgrade this will be the perfect excuse for fathers day, Easter, anniversary, birthday and Christmas to get me all the new tech πŸ˜‰ one thing that i do hope is that the bugs & crashes are minimal one thing im really looking forward to is the cross plat-forming. overall this could be the turn around big M needs

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