DC comes out strong at this years Comic-Con

There’s a war brewing! 

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Marvel have had it all their own way for the past few years enjoying massive success in almost everything it does… Captain America, Iron Mans & Thor’s plus not forgetting the juggernaut that is Avengers. However a new contender has entered the ring…. They’ve been stalking from the shadows and Man of Steel was its first friendly fight… it achieved some success however its clear they have been planning a war and at this years comic con they came out all guns blazing!

First we had a brand new trailer for next years BatmanVsSuperman movie and man does it look good! It’s clear they have looked at the model Marvel/Disney have employed in its superhero films, It kicks off at the end of its 2013 Man of Steel movie and it works really well. It sets up beautifully the reason for Batman rising up… Its Dark, gritty and moody and its a nice change from the more light-hearted Marvel angle.


Then came a trailer for its later 2016 release and for a film which is OVER A YEAR away it’s looking very impressive. Featuring an amazing cast including Will SmithMargot RobbieJai Courtney & Ben Affleck, The Comic Con crowd gave a deafening cheer when Jared Leto‘s Joker cracked that signature wicked laugh of his. Soon after and thanks to the leaked trailers spreading all over the net, the official trailer was released to the world!


Next year certainly seems like the year of DC but with the likes of Captain America Civil War, Deadpool (Which also got its own trailer at Comic-con… released on the world in a couple of weeks), Dr Strange, X-Men Apocalypse and more! The true winners of this comic book war will be us, the movie fans!

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