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A window to share your movie memories! 

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Alright! Welcome to my new project I’ve started. Many of us here have a great passion for movies, this is your window to share your stories on how you came to love film and how it has influenced you over time. Each week I’d like to feature someones film story.. If you’d like to take part simply send me your answers to & I’ll have it scheduled for this very site and let you know when to expect it.

So to kick-start this I thought I’d start with yours truly… This is my story.

1. What was the first movie you saw in the cinema and what do you remember from your visit?
First film I remember going to see was Jurassic Park back in 1993, By watching I mean of course, hiding behind my hands or shoving my head between my legs. I must have watched about 10 minutes of that film in total. Remember it like it was yesterday though.


2. Has a movie ever had a big impact on you and possibly changed you in some way?
There are a number of films that have made me feel differently at the moment it ends… If that feeling remains hours later its hard to say. Still Alice was a recent film in which a lady (played by Julianne Moore) suffers from Alzheimers from a young age and it certainly grabbed my attention. I’m very likely to be doing more charity work towards that cause in the near future. So yes, I guess a film can have quite the impact.


3. What is your all-time favourite film?
Jurassic Park without a doubt… The memories from that cinema visit to all the dino toys I played with when I was young. I’ve just seen Jurassic World and sitting in that cinema waiting for it to come on… I became a kid again!

jurassic park

4. If a movie was to be made of your life, what genre would it be and which actor would you like to portray you?
I’d like to think it would be a comedy, probably only funny to me. I’m one of the least serious people you could meet which is good in some respect, quite possibly annoying in another. The actor? Will Smith… But as he’s slightly more attractive than me infinitely cooler so I’ll go with a young Leslie Nielsen as he portrayed slap stick comedy better than anyone!


5. If you could watch only one more movie, what would it be?
Hell’s bells…. If I had to choose one it would have to be a mixture of great acting, humour and a definite feel good ending. They’re so many but I’d probably go with Shawshank Redemption. That’s a hard question!


6. Has a movie ever made you cry? If so which one/s
I don’t cry, I’m far too manly but Gladiator the first time round brought a few water droplets to the boil. Another to give me a sore throat was the amazing Green Mile. I LOVE YOU JOHN COFFEE!!

john coffee

7. If you could date one character from a movie, who would it be and why?
Again, so many to choose from! I can’t afford to be picky! I remember the feels I got from Elisha Cuthbert in ‘The Girl Next Door’ the hotness of Sarah Michelle Gellar at her height in ‘Cruel Intentions’ or even Jessica Alba in… well everything. Right now though my heart belongs to Margot Robbie, I’d take her straight out of ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ please… You can do this right?

Margot Robbie

8. Who’s your favourite movie character and why?
Will Smith jumps straight to mind as Captain Steven Hiller in Independence Day. Cool, funny and he punches an alien in the face!! Sucks that he’s not in the sequel.

steven miller

9. What is your all-time favourite TV series?
I watched a few when I was younger with the likes of Prison Break and 24 but nothing ever grabbed me as much as Game Of Thrones has! I’ve started watching YouTube videos on character histories, Theories of what’s going to happen next and even contemplated picking up a book! (That hasn’t happened yet but it’s only a matter of time…. If I can remember how to read)


10. What’s your least favourite Genre of movies?
It used to be disaster movies but I’ve possibly tired of that recently. I do love comedies but they are so hard to get right… I miss the greats from the likes of Monty python and slap stick silliness of Top Shots & Naked Gun. Now-a-days they all seem a little too obsessed with drugs or trying far too hard to be funny. I’d probably lean towards your secret agent thrillers (The Bourne’s and the Bonds)


11. What is it you look for in a movie?
Well acted and not overly long-winded. I hate films that take an age to get into… I try not to give up but it has to grab my attention pretty quickly or my mind will start to wander. I’m a sucker for great special effects too. (I’m cheap I know!)

12. If you could have a sequel to any movie, what would it be?
I’m already getting my Jurassic World sequel so another Snatch or Lock Stock would be lovely jubberly. Can I be cheeky and ask for another Zombieland too??

lock stock

13. What film have you seen the most and can you put a number on how many times you’ve watched it?
That award would probably have to go to Jurassic Park although the first Die Hard and Matrix films have been seen countless times too!


14. What was the last movie you watched?
That would be Furious 7… Pretty disappointed in it to be honest. Far too long and stupidly over the top… If your main characters can survive head on collisions and car parks falling on you then it’s very hard to care what’s going on. Did love the tribute to the late Paul Walker at the end though!

furios 7

15. Which upcoming movie are you most looking forward to and why?
I think Batman Vs. Superman has my full attention at the moment. When it was first announced I wrote it off instantly believing they’d tarnish the great work Nolan did with Christian Bale as Batman but the trailers have changed my mind. There’s a lot of potential and I’m looking forward to what DC have up their sleeves going forward (Suicide Squad, Hell yeah!! :D:D:D)


16. Top 5 Films:
1. Jurassic park
2. Matrix
3. Saving Private Ryan
4. The Green Mile
5. Phone Booth


Now it’s your turn! What are you waiting for?!


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