Double Wammy again! Whats the Greatest Computer animated movie and Die Hard prequels

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RickWritten By: Rick Masters      twitter @MasterSparky

Both podcasts in one handsome post again thanks to my terrible internet and youtube videos taking 3 F!*!!* months to upload… It’s a temporary problem that will be sorted shortly. If you would like them in a more scheduled timely manner then make sure you subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. ANYWAY This week I chat about my travels to Poland, Discuss the Die Hard prequel ideas, Decide which Marvel Phase 3 movies we’re most looking forward to and be our usual rude selves to each other. (Apologies for the slightly off sound at times, I’ll polish my mic in time for next week)

In this weeks episode.

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Popcorn Wars we decide on the greatest computer animated movie (With questionable results!) Jump in and have a listen and see you next week!

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