The most un)romantic comedy you’ll ever watch…

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“What the hell did I just watch?!” I was left pondering at the end of this very bizarre film.
This has to be one of the hardest films I’ve ever sat down to review.. With a tiny budget and filmed mainly in Ireland within a hotel the premise is one of the weirdest you’ll ever come across.


People live in a world in which people who are unlucky enough to single are packed up and shipped to a local hotel. Its there where they are given a set amount of days to find love or permanently turned into an animal of your choosing. Bit strange you may say? Well it gets stranger…. The hotel ensures it turns the guest on every night with a little groin rub and punishes anyone who fondles themselves (with a hand in a toaster no less). You can only fall in love with someone with a similar trait as you and have to prove your love before you’re free to leave.


We follow David played by Colin Farrell on his quest to either find love or just simply stay alive and we meet some downright bizarre characters along the way. The film is filled with recognisable stars (even if some are only in it for a short while) It’s who’s who of big British stars including Olivia Colman, John C. Reilly, Léa Seydoux, Ben Whishaw, Rachel Weisz and many more.

Your enjoyment of the film will certainly rely on your type of humour! Do you enjoy random, nonsensical, stupidness? It’s very much an art house type film and includes some overly long holding shots and slow-mos which did become a little tiresome.


The first half of the film was quirky enough to keep me engaged but I did falter as it progressed. It became just a little too weird for its own good. Some of the lines delivered were fantastic and the acting, although purposefully bizarre, was impressive.

In the end it was an unusual movie with dashes of brilliance but ultimately over stayed its welcome.


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  1. Watched this a little while and without question its one of the most original movies of 2016, this and Swiss army man anyway. Going in I wasn’t sure if I’d be that taken with it but its hilarious, rewardingly complex and oddly romantic. definitely something that needs deciphering and deserves your attention, cant wait to post my review of it soon

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