“Whose balls did I have to fondle to write my very own review?” I can’t tell you his name, but it rhymes with ‘Pullverine.’ 

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Well it’s finally here, it’s a touch late, but, you know what they say… Average things come to those who hang around on the internet for a while. Now unless you’ve been living under a giant chimichanga for the past few weeks, you’ll have heard that Deadpool’s done pretty well both critically and moneyally. It’s smashed a few Box Office records and currently sits 6th in the highest grossing R-Rated movie category IN THE WORLD…. of America (If it doesn’t beat THE HANGOVER PART 2 then I’ll be hugely disappointed) (AND WHY THE HELL IS THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST NO. 1?!?! WHAT THE HELL AMERICA?!?)


Does it deserve all this wonderful stuff? Well, yes! Yes it does! Deadpool is exactly what is needed in the very crowded super hero genre. He’s like an oxygen mask in a sea of Batmans and Captain Americas. You can tell straight away that this is a movie made from pure unadulterated love. A movie Ryan Reynolds has been fighting for since the atrocity that was X-men origins Wolverine. The writing is superb and the constant one liners kept me howling throughout. A couple of lines fell a little flat, but, overall they smashed it! Very few American comedies manage to find my funny bone and tickle it quite as much as this film did (and, in fact there hasn’t been a hilarious one in years until now).


A favourite scene of mine was where Deadpool turns to see his arch-enemy has escaped his clutches. His reaction to the camera was fantastic. Another favourite is outside Xavier’s mansion, a ‘Breaking the 4th wall’ event takes place and it’s the little chat he has with us, the viewer, that I personally found hysterical (I won’t spoil what is said in case you’re one of the three people on this planet who hasn’t seen it yet) OHH and miniature hand…. nothing more is needed to be said with that one!


The afore mentioned ‘Breaking the 4th wall’ is used a number of times throughout and gives this particular superhero story is uniqueness. He can turn straight to you and rip the shit out of any movie/celebrity/plot point he wants with hilarious consequences. I did have a few small gripes with the film *Gasp*, the lack of any real motivation for the bad guys was a sticking point, as well as the location for the final fight scene. It’s not really explained why the bad guys are there (unless I missed it while giggling like an annoying little school girl?) but these are only very minor quarrels. It was nicely paced, the jumping from point to point in the story was well executed and the supporting cast were excellent.


There’s no doubt that Ryan Reynolds was born to play this role and he’s instantly managed to throw a, relatively, unknown character into the stratosphere! Deadpool 2 is already underway, and I for one am hugely excited to see where they go with it. This here, ladies and gentlemen, is absolute proof that if a studio (in this case FOX) gives the creators complete and utter freedom, only sheer brilliance will come of it! Bravo!


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