THE COFFEE BREAK REVIEWS: Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Is this the superhero film that we want? Or is it the simply the one we need?

RickWritten By: Rick Masters

This has got to be one of the hardest reviews ive ever written and its clear to see in the media that BATMAN V SUPRMAN has a huge mixed bag of opinions too!

Firstly it is criminally insane that this film is sitting on a 30% rotten rating over on rotten tomatoes. In no way does it deserve that kind of score. However reading through some of the reviews it’s hard to argue with many of the negative thoughts.


Where to start? Firstly the positives:
Ben Affleck as Batman is fantastic! By far the best Batman to have appeared on the big screen. Dark, broody and completely owns the screen. His butler played by Jeremy Irons was also a fantastic casting choice! This man needs a solo Batman movie RIGHT NOW! In fact we needed it before this film but we’ll come back to that.
Jesse Eisenberg is a difficult one. He played a clinically insane yet genius millionaire but his motivations are very foggy (especially some of his later decisions) His acting was great but I personally felt he may have been trying a little too hard and seemed awkward.


The film has some great action set pieces, drenched in style and features some bone shattering fight scenes, much darker than anything from the Marvel cinematic universe. The best scenes were most certainly Batman’s and it’s a huge shame he couldn’t have featured more… With a Two and a half hour runtime, he was likely squeezed in the best they could in this very bloated movie.

The soundtrack is one of the most powerful and epic I’ve ever heard in any movie and it’s not surprising with the likes of Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL working together. Utterly mesmerising and perfectly fitting!


Now to some of the more negative points:
The film has far too many branching storylines, not only does it have to introduce us to Batman from scratch (which is enough for a stand-alone movie in itself) but also focus on the aftermath of Man of Steel, the political repercussions of his fight with Zod. Set in motion the build up to the giant fight between both Superman and Batman. Introduce us to Superman’s arch enemy Lex Luther. DoomsDay to make an appearance (A surprise completely ruined by the promotional campaign). PLUS throw in the likes of Wonder Woman/Aquaman/Flash and its clear to see how quickly this film loses its way and becomes a muddled mess.


In fact, I have to throw a compliment to Zack Snyder for being able to make this anything other than a complete disaster of a movie. He had so much to cram in there and it’s likely he HAD to have all these elements featured in some way to lay the ground work for the future DC movies.

The odd story structure was made even harder to follow with strange dream sequences thrown in randomly. One in particular stood out with Bruce Wayne, there was zero explanation to what was going on and even by the end of the film, is left completely unanswered.


Without any spoilers the final scene felt very cheap. With the many characters and subplots already in play in this film, adding yet another was a step too far. The reasoning for the events are even more confusing and left me feeling very disappointed.

Overall I was grasping for something deeper and emotional. The film just didn’t have the runtime it needed to fully flesh out its characters. It jumped from city to city, character to character, story to story. I see why it had to and I applaud Synder for making it kinda work. Hopefully with the groundwork laid, the future DC films can focus on much more personal stories.


This is an action packed superhero flick with some excellent action scenes and dripping with style but certainly needed a few more standalone films before it tried to blend all these characters together.
Hard to not enjoy it if you love your superhero films and the darker style is a nice change over Marvels cinematic universe. Let’s have a Batfleck solo film as soon as possible though please!

3 and a half


DeanWritten By: DEAN ELLIOTT

Wow the film has 34% on Rotten Toms, no way is a 34% film!!!
Critics have been brutal. Glad I avoided reviews before watching this. Yes there are massive plot holes (but it’s a comic film), yes I wasn’t keen on Lex and his decisions, yes the scenes were a bit mashed together (but there was a lot of ground to cover, Age of Ultron was the same), yes it hasn’t got the marvel kiddie “humour” (DC has always been darker so that is not essential) – . But 34%. Nah.

Fans are rating around 75% which seems fair. I enjoyed the film, just didn’t understand why they had to use the whole doomsday thing and BATMAN V SUPERMAN setup using Lex as the main villain (made no sense his reasons at the end) – think they could have come up with a better story to set up an ending. But disappointing bad guys seems to be the norm in these films as of late. Let’s hope Thanos really lifts the bar, same for Justice League!

3 and a half

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But what did you think of it? We would love to hear your thoughts!


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