Will it make you howl or growl? 

RickWritten By: Rick Masters

2016 is shaping up to be a great year for computer animated movies. With big wigs still counting up the pennies made by ZOOTOPIA yet another fantastic film comes along by the Minions studio Illumination Entertainment. THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS.

After seeing the trailers I was quite optimistic about this film. I have been burned by a great trailer hiding a terrible film before so I had my ‘use caution’ hat on.  I needn’t have worried.. The film throws you straight into the home of some of the most lovable pets you can imagine as they set out on an adventure to save their friend Max from the clutches of one very evil (yet unbelievably cool) white bunny! The comedy is strong and well thought out, pleasing both adults and children alike (A very difficult thing to get right) and featured some great animation which fitted the tone of the movie perfectly.


The voice acting found in here is some of the best I’ve heard. Kevin Hart, Louis C.K. and Jenny Slate were outstanding but every character is brilliantly done! Kevin Hart’s Snow Ball is now one of my all-time favourite animated characters, sitting alongside TOY STORY’S Woody and FINDING DORY’S… Dory. The little gangster bunny will have you howling numerous times throughout the films 1 and a half hours of runtime and his constant pining for his long deceased gangster friend had me in stiches!


I’ve sat and tried to think of some negatives but I keep coming up short. Some early reviews criticised it for running out of steam somewhere in the middle but I’d disagree (other than maybe the questionable sausage dream sequence which did seem a little random to say the least) I kept laughing right up till the end and the story was well rounded off and well-paced if maybe a little clichéd.


It’s a fantastic family flick from beginning to end with some scenes that even the adults will laugh out loud to! ZOOTOPIA pips it ever-so-slightly with a more creative overall story but as animated family films go this one is now up there as one of my favourites! Fun for all the family!


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