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RickWritten By: Rick Masters

The internet is absolutely full of crap, however some of that rubbish can sometimes raise a bit of a smile, either because it’s genuinely funny or because it’s so crap it becomes hilarious! I spend far too much of my precious time looking through this rubbish for these golden nuggets of film related goodness that it seems only right to share them on this very website for your viewing pleasure.

All the pictures found in here have been shared through Popcornography’s Twitter and Facebook feed over the past few weeks.

Heath Ledger’s JOKER is one of the greatest performances ever put to film.

Sweet looking fan poster for SPIDERMAN HOMECOMING [Created by: Timetravel6000v2]

Ryan Reynolds posts a fan made poster for DEADPOOL 2! I’m getting excited for this already!

Imagine this Mash-Up! Absolute Chaos!

Who wants to see this movie become reality?

Fantastic poster for Steven Spielberg’s JAWS. [Created by: ]

Shots Fired!

Photoshopping time well spent…

R-RATED Pixar!

If these two ever meet & appear on screen at the same time I would literally melt!

One very talented makeup artist

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