Has the series been re-Bourne? RickWritten By: Rick Masters

To say I was excited for this movie is an huge understatement, The first three movies rate as one of the greatest trilogies of all time in my opinion (let’s pretend the fourth one didn’t happen ok?). I was so happy to hear Jason would be back on the big screen this year AND with the original director Paul Greengrass returning I was pretty confident in this turning out to be nothing short of great.


I was wrong. Not terribly wrong but I wasn’t right. It’s not “great” The writing, the sense of thrill and the perfect mix of story and action made the first three something special. It’s quite clear this new movie doesn’t have a strong trilogy of books to rely on for its backbone. Ultimatum was so nicely wrapped up I did wonder how they’d bring Jason Bourne back into the light after so many years away from the spotlight avoiding the secret service. They make a convincing enough reason to pull him back in but the whole plot feels a touch too thin at times.


From a performance point of view Matt Damon does a good enough job overall but could and should have had more lines in this film (reported at about 20 lines throughout the entire runtime). Tommy Lee Jones provides what seems like a half arsed, generic performance and has been made victim to some pretty horrid close ups

Newcomer Alicia Vikander does a fantastic job as the Tommy Lee Jones’s right hand woman, she plays a very similar role to what Joan Allen played as Pam Landy in Supremacy/Ultimatum where they find themselves siding with Jason at times. Her motivations do become quite confused throughout though and some of her actions were questionable.


The great action the Bourne series stands for holds true in this one, the final few scenes include a fantastic car chase through the busy streets of Vegas and the bone crunching fight scenes we’ve come expect from Jason, the action dips a little in the middle but overall it’s pretty well paced.

One of the main issues this film has is it tries to stick to its processors template and after three movies of him on the run and trying to remember things it’s all become a little too familiar.  If there is to be a sequel (and after a pretty successful launch weekend at the box office that’s looking like a real possibility) they have to mix things up a bit. Jason mustn’t be on the run again and the government has to give up on trying to kill him (It’s pretty clear you can’t put this man down)


Overall I did thoroughly enjoyed this film. It isn’t on par with the original trilogy but let’s be honest, that was a huge ask. It’s vastly better than 2012’s Bourne Legacy and does have plenty of standout moments of its own, just not quite enough to create its own identity.

3 and a half

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