A Deadshot or a bit of a Joker?

RickWritten By: Rick Masters

After the mixed reviews BATMAN V SUPERMAN received I was convinced SUICIDE SQUAD would avoid the same fate. Not only does it have David Ayer on board (End of Watch & Fury, two films I thoroughly enjoyed) but it has one hell of a cast including Will Smith, Margot Robbie & Jared Leto, How could this fail?

It doesn’t. Well at least not in my eyes. The film has been panned by critics and the very same thing that happened to BATMAN V SUPERMAN has fallen on SUICIDE SQUAD too. This is hugely unfair! The film is good, not great but far from the rotten tomatoes score slapped upon their website and betters BATMAN V SUPERMAN in almost every way.


The film takes its time at the beginning to give us a run through of all the characters and does an adequate job of it. Will Smith shines as Deadshot and Margot Robbie pulls off an amazing Harley Quinn… these two are by far the stand out actors of the film and I’m praying to the DC God that we will see them a lot more in the future! I thoroughly enjoyed Jay Hernandez’s portrayal of flame character Diablo & Jai Courtney provides a good amount of humour but they all take a step back from the spotlight that Deadshot and Harley clearly have in this film. Jared Leto is slightly outcast amongst the rest too and has a much smaller role, yet his performance was pretty decent…  He also massively lacked any kind of character development, a lot less than the others and this felt very wrong (He’s the joker for Christ sake!) His story is still to flesh out in future films it seems.


Let’s get a few negatives out the way first: The films pace is a little all over the place at times and the main villain is a rushed mess with hardly any explanation of her existence and where her motive comes from. In fact the main story line is lazily-written and under-developed and features some pretty drastic CGI in the final battle which I did not expect to see in a film with a budget of this size.

There’s also a number of flashbacks that are a little jarring and there’s a few too many for my liking. This I blame entirely on DC’s need to rush everything and develop its DC universe quicker than it ideally should. (I strongly feel we needed solo character films first) and feel I can’t pin the blame on the director here.
It’s the same problem BATMAN V SUPERMAN faced and although a little over crowed with characters SUICIDE SQUAD does deal with these introductions and back story in a much better way than that film did!

SUICIDE SQUAD does have many positive points however, the chemistry between the characters is great, as well as the development of their relationships. The strongest of these being between Harley Quinn and Deadshot. The way the characters begin to work as a team, slowly change their way of thinking and begin to work for the good guys is also well handled.

The soundtrack has to be applauded, the tracklist is bursting with classics and fit with the action on screen brilliantly! Cameos from Ben Affleck and another DC character were great to see (and has made me pine for a solo Batman film even more!) and there’s some lovely touches of comedy throughout.


The movie is far from perfect and seems to exist as a character introduction piece over anything else but it’s an enjoyable ride from beginning to end. Its teased me enough for me to start getting excited over future appearances from Joker, Harley and Deadshot.

An average but enjoyable addition to the DC movie family.


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