THE COFFEE BREAK REVIEWS: The Mechanic: Resurrection

No Mechanic in the world could fix this!

RickWritten By: Rick Masters

Im a sucker for Jason Statham movies. He stars in a number of my favourite films including Snatch & Lock Stock and has the hardman action star act down to perfection so I was quite excited for this movie.

Within minutes of this movie starting I was sinking lower and lower into my chair, embarrassed about being in that cinema and paying money for this dribble.


For starters the cheese level is through the roof, fast paced fights are all very well and good but to then add ridiculous, stupidly over-the-top stunts that simply ignore the rules of  gravity and common sense it quickly boils down into a mushy mess of shit.

Now let’s be clear, I was expecting a dumb action movie when I bought my tickets but not a ‘so dumb a 6 year old could have written it’ The path the film follows and Jason’s actions are sometimes just so illogical it makes you physically angry.

Also starring the beautiful Jessica Alba she is simply in their to look pretty. Her performance was lifeless and cringing, add to that the laughable forced romance scenes that make you so uncomfortable, she should be hoping the DVD discount baskets are shredders.


What came as a surprise to me was the appearance of Tommy Lee Jones near the end of the film. He added a little bit of something to the proceedings but by then it was far too late. If you hadn’t walked out by this time then you had well and truly made your mind up about the movie a good 50 minutes before his appearance.


The movie is so laughable it should fall under the comedy genre. This Mechanic should not have been resurrected at all! Avoid at all costs.


Have you seen this film? Would you agree with this review? Sound off in the comments below!


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