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Well is this lovely! Ive been nominated for Sunshine blogger award by the great blog! I’m not entirely sure how this works and I’m also pretty sure there’s no actual award but its a lovely bubberly feeling either way!

Heres how it works:

  1. Post the award nomination on your blog
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you
  3. Answer 11 questions assigned to you
  4. Nominate 11 other bloggers for the Award
  5. Ask 11 questions to your nominees

Now I’ll be honest, Im a bit busy keeping up with movie news and photoshopping my friends faces onto farm yard animals to keep up with all this blogging stuff so I’d struggle to find 11 blogs that havent already been apart of this thing… I will give shout outs to some awesome blogs below but I cant promise 11! (plus I’m a man who likes to break the rules)

Anyway heres the 11 questions that have been posed to me. Lets go!

Is there a movie that you like but most other people dislike? If so, which movie is it?

Probably loads of cheesy 90’s action flicks! When I was younger I loved all that kinda stuff and at the time I wasnt really focused on the good writing and acting, I just wanted to see explosions! One film that certainly jumps out though is JuURASSIC PARK 3. I see its many flaws but my love of Dinos just simply overpowers it.

Favorite movie of 1997?

THE LOST WORLD JURASSIC PARK came out that year. That stomps all over the competition! 😉


What’s the best christmas present you have ever received?

One Christmas that really stands out is the year my sister got the Nintendo 64 with Mario  Kart. That was the greatest gift I have ever stolen. Sadly none of the gifts I have ever received could beat that.

Coffee or tea?

Depends on the mood but Coffee probably wins out.

Is there a song that always gets you emotional?

Quite a lot actually. Most recent is the Ursine Vulpine ft Annaca cover of Wicked Game. The soundtrack to DAY AFTER TOMORROW gives me chills and many trance tracks give me the goosebumps. Notably Christina Novelli’s vocals to Concrete Angel.


Favorite color?


Favorite space movie that is not in any way part of the “Star Wars” mythos?

Would INDEPENDENCE DAY be classed as a ‘Space Movie’? Failing that I watched GRAVITY in 3D and was blown away!

If you could bring back any dead celebrity for a chat (or something), who would it be?

Robbin Williams. Such a troubled yet great man… Id want to know why he felt the way he did but also talk about the mony amazing movies he starred in. <3

What do you do to relax?

Movies of course! Movies all day long! I used to be addicted to video games and was so for most of my young adult life. Over the past 2 years that slowly shifted to movies. Also fresh air is one of my favourite things. I love being out and about exploring.


You’re stuck on a deserted island, what 4 movies have you brought with you to bide your time?

I have a TV and DVD player right? Because if not the DVD covers would have to be outstanding! Mmmm tricky one…
Id probably take DEMOLITION MAN (I just cant get bored of this film!)  The JURASSIC PARK movies (Replacing the third film for the new one!)

What canceled show would you want to see brought back from the dead?

FRIENDS! Its the greatest show on earth but I’d only want it to come back if done right. Original cast, Original writers and the magic that was present in the first 10 seasons.


Thanks again to the great for the nomination. His blog can be found here: TheMarckoguy. Id like to nominate:

My Questions are:

Whos your favourite actor?
Your top 3 movies?
Your greatest all time memory?
Your biggest achievement (other than being nominated for this award of course!)?
Your favourite movie from this year so far?
Your most embarrassing moment?
Ever worn a hat that just simply didnt suit you?
Stolen a horse?
Ever stood on a snail and felt bad about it?
Your current occupation?
Which movie your most looking forward to in the future?


BOOM! Peace out movie lovers and many thanks for the shout out



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  1. Very cool answers. Gravity in 3D would have been a pretty awesome experience, I imagine.

    Good call on Jurassic Park! My best moment was seeing that movie one night on a rooftop cinema in Melbourne – terrific!

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