Reel Reviews: La La Land

Introducing community voted movie reviews! Come have your say!

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Introducing Reel Reviews (see what I did there?) A regular community powered movie review feature where YOU can share your opinion on the latest blockbuster!

Shortly after the launch of the latest movie, I’ll ask social media audiences what they thought of it. They can choose between POOR, AVERAGE, GOOD & OUTSTANDING. After a couple of days of voting the results will be counted and verified across all networks. The winning review is then highlighted on the Sunday night.

The beauty of this is that its open to anyone and gives a more accurate review of a film rather than just one individuals thoughts and opinions. (Although my reviews are ALWAYS on point!) 😉

Got it? GOOD! This week I ask for your review on Damien Chazelle’s LA LA LAND


LA LA LAND recieves an OUTSTANDING rating!

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