The Coffee Break Review: LOGAN (2017)

Does Logan come out slashing or is he just too old for this shit?

RickWritten By: Rick Masters

Another superhero movie released and you’d be forgiven for not being to fussed about this release, especially after the solo Wolverine movies we’ve witnessed over the past decade…. But sir/madam, reader of this page and follower of these very words…. You’d be wrong.

Now let’s not pretend you haven’t already heard the news that this films pretty good. The interwebs have been screaming it for the past 2 weeks and I hold my head in shame that I didn’t get this review up sooner! Truth is I was having just as bad of time in my life as poor old Logan is having in his. However the only bloody highlight of the past week was the 2 hours I spent watching this! Now if that’s not a reason to go see this film right there then I don’t know what is!

Logan is definitely not just another run of the mill superhero adventure. It’s dark, gritty, emotional and is most certainly not holding back. The R-Rating was one of the best decisions Fox has ever made. The first word muttered is “Oh Fuck” and the foul language doesn’t stop for a moment (Captain America would have been highly annoyed!) Even the usually level headed and calm head teacher, Xavier, doesn’t give a shit anymore.
Then there’s the claws, Wolverine and his new pal X23 put their spikey hand swords to full use, full on slashy, stabby glory. The slow motion scene is something to marvel at… I sat there with the biggest grin on my face as the claw enters the bad man’s chin and explodes out the top of his skull. The action is violent and blood thirsty but never feels like blood for blood sake, every cut is with reason.

Hugh Jackmans performance is outstanding, He’s a fantastic actor and has played Wolverine well over the 17 years he has held the claws, but none of his performances as the angry mutant have ever felt up to his usual standard. His portrayal as Kelly Dover in Denis Villeneuve’s PRISIONS and Robert Angier in 2006’s THE PRESTIGE have been stand out moments for him but this film finally changes that! Logan is a tired man. He has lived for far longer than he would have ever wanted. Seen many loved ones die and has pretty much given up on life. Jackman brings all this emotion across superbly and you really do feel for the character.

In LOGAN we’re introduced to Laura (x-23) played by Dafne Keen and my word is she impressive! The young actress shines just as bright as Hugh and delivers some of the most powerful scenes I’ve witnessed on the big screen. One example is the argument that ensues in a jeep in the closing stages of the film, the performances of both Keen and Jackman were something to behold, really powerful stuff!

Every scene in this film feels necessary, from the character development, the action, to the sprinkling of humour, timed perfectly right as to not get buried under too much emotional baggage. As dark and gritty as this movie is, there are numerous laugh out loud moments which really do help the film tremendously.

“But there must be negatives ohhhhhh mr reviewer?” you scream from you deck chair in Basingstoke….. (That’s right… I see you) Well, no, not really, there isn’t. I sat for a good while after the films credits rolled trying to think of negatives and at a push I would say the films run time could have possibly have been tightened up slightly. The slower scenes leading up to the climax could have been a touch shorter…. Probably. BUT THAT’S IT! IT’S A BLOODY GOOD MOVIE!

This is by far the best Wolverine movie and the best X-Men movie to date. Everything payed off in this film. It is grounded. It’s emotional. It’s character driven. It has heart. This is everything anyone could have ever wanted in a Wolverine film. Bravo Hugh! The perfect send off to one of the most beloved superheroes of all time.



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