Popcornography’s Review Archive Launches!

Look here! Something new! 

RickWritten By: Rick Masters

Heres a little something I’ve wanted to do for a while! From now on every movie I watch will get a little review, these little reviews I’m going to call ‘nuggets’ (for no reason at all)  An example of a ‘nugget’ is this right here:

A brief summary of the film, along with its rating. They will be in alphabetical order and from newest to oldest. Isn’t that lovely?
This list will be starting small but over time I hope to have a lovely little page with all my reviews thrown all over it, so be sure to keep checking back if you want. Dont have to. Im not forcing you too. I would never do that. I’m quite a mild mannered human with an interesting in Formula One… That that you asked.

All the very latest ‘nuggets’ will be located on the main page at the bottom…. when they slide off the bottom (ohh helloo) they will glide gracefully onto this page.  Check it out here!

Anyway, that is all! Enjoy your day

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