THE COFFEE BREAK REVIEW: Alien: Covenant (2017)

Is this ‘burst out your chest exciting’ or simply just a simple case of the hiccups?

RickWritten By: Rick Masters

Ridley Scott returns to ALIEN after what many thought was a disappointing PROMETHEUS (Personally quite enjoyed it myself). I went in optimistic and excited to have some of my questions from said film answered…

After PROMETHEUS introduced us to the Engineers I was excited to learn more about them however I was sorely disappointed. Getting about 5 minutes of screen time this interesting back story seems to have been criminally ignored.

Ridley Scott has announced he plans to make 3 more Alien prequels that lead up to the original ALIEN movie and here lies my issue… we will get three more movies in the future to convolutedly and exhaustively lead up to the 1979 classic movie. It basically means we know exactly where they are leading and no matter what happens in these future films, the results will be what we already know…. Especially when some of the back stories (The engineers) and questions we have from the original movies seem to be getting completely ignored in these prequels then what is the actual point in making them?

The horror elements in ‘Covenant’ are quite satisfactory, showcasing some spine-chilling terror and graphic kills. The action though is hugely disappointing with the last two big action sequences being uninspiring and unexceptional. The final act, had it been given more time, could have been claustrophobic and really intense however it is rushed and predictable.

From the very beginning, none of the human characters in ‘Covenant’ are interesting or memorable enough and except for a few, most of them are just faceless idiots… And I mean IDIOTS! The decisions they make are so hysterically bonkers you end up wanting them to perish in the worst ways imaginable BECAUSE THEY DEFINTELY F*CKING DESERVE IT!
Michael Fassbender does a superb job with his dual role of David and Walter and Noomi Rapace who plays Elizabeth Shaw is the only character I actually cared for in anyway.

Another huge problem I have with this film is the over use of SFX and too much xenomorph screen time. What Ridley Scott has failed to do here is to create scenes where the viewers imagination has to step in… Imagination is a much stronger tool for building terror in horror films. Way better than simply throwing the creature on screen constantly and smoothing us in gore. There is no slow burn atmosphere, no tension build up. No creepiness.

The unknown intentions of Michael Fassbenders David keep the film from being a simple ‘by the numbers’ action/tame horror flick. The film is made up of a mess of ideas that seem only half thought out and frustratingly not explained at all.

However, even with all its flaws it’s still an enjoyable movie experience that has its fair share of interesting and genuinely tense scenes…. but this is Ridley Scott and the ALIEN franchise, and that simply isn’t good enough.

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