THE COFFEE BREAK REVIEW: Wonder Woman (2017)

Wonder Woman Review

Is this finally the whipping DC needed?

RickWritten By: Rick Masters

That theme tune though. That god damn theme tune! As soon as that blasts off for the first time I sat forward in my seat and the hair on the back of my sunburnt neck stood up so far it obscured the view for the guys behind me.

The action scenes in what is Gal Godot’s first solo jaunt as the Amazonian princess are fantastic! The bullet destroying, whip waving war machine oozes style and power. I was in absolute love.

Now I’ll be honest (this is probably a somewhat male oriented opinion) but I could have happily sat and watched Gat Gadot do the washing up for 2 hours and left happy… BUT to throw in a damn good story too! Well then Mr DC, you have a bloody winner on your hands! If there was ever a time for Warner to release a decent superhero romp then this was it.

It starts better than it probably should. Any movie having to tell an origin story before diving into the meat and two veg is always at risk of feeling saggy at the start but this is handled very well and smashes out the back story in some stylishly well-done cut scenes with as little dribble as possible.

It doesn’t take long to get going and the pacing is managed well throughout. The movie is very patient with the viewer and we get the chance to understand Diana’s motives of why she “walked away from mankind”. A breathe of fresh air after the lightning speed of BVS and SUICIDE SQUAD.

Gal Gadot acts well throughout and effortlessly portrays the power of Wonder Woman yet achieves a very childlike innocence as she enters a world she is unfamiliar with. The stand out performance however was by Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. He blew this out of the water and was, in my opinion, one of the best performances of his career. All supporting roles were decent enough with only the main villains letting the side down… they felt very generic with a touch of cheese.

Along with the limp villains found in this, I’m gonna throw in a couple more negatives (like ripping off a plaster… I’ll make it as quick and as painless as I can). The fights were great but a number of scenes are let down by slightly ropey CGI… I find this the case in most films that try to CGI body movement and jumping (Doctor Strange is a good example). It always feels spongey and awkward and I noticed it a few too many times throughout.
The comedy in this film also felt lacking… Even your reviewer (that’s me!) with my terrible sense of humour, sat and thought of a few funny quips that could have fit in perfectly at times yet no attempt was made.. It did have me chuckling a couple of times though and don’t get me wrong, I’d rather they didn’t bother if it saves some limp jokes bombing and ruining the mood, but even in the more light-hearted moments, stand-up seemed to take a sit-down. 😉

So other than just a few little gripes, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The actions scenes are very well put together and there are more than a few stand out moments dotted throughout which will make you grin from ear to ear, notably the “no mans land” scene.. DAMNNNN SON that was good! The slow-mos were fantastic and there was a definite Zack Snyder feel to many of these elements (thats a positive I promise! Love you ZACK!).

I was pleasantly surprised by the emotional impact this had on me… Very rare in a superhero movie. The director Patty Jenkins knew exactly what she was doing here. WONDER WOMAN is an important film, not only is it brimming with heart and reason but perhaps most importantly, it’s whipped DC into much better shape than it was previously. The future seems a little brighter for the DC Universe going forward.

Now excuse me… I’m off to blast that theme tune again as loudly as I possibly can, while I whip my sword around… I maybe wouldn’t hang around to see that.

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