Year Of The Failed Reboots


Time to give the reboots the boot? 

RickWritten By: Rick Masters

Baywatch“, “Pirates of the Caribbean“, “Power Rangers“, “Alien“, “The Mummy” — all these franchises are either reboots or revived this year and all of these titles have now under performed or flopped at the box office, especially in North America. Add to thatKing Arthur” (not a franchise as such but a familiar property, a similar idea) which bombed harder than an Atomic bomb, its clear to see there’s an issue here. Thats not to say 2017 is the first year that Hollywood has thrown a load of reboots at us, last year we were treated toGhostbusters“, “Alice Through the Looking GlassandTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesall of which failed to set the box office alight. However, the trend of failing reboots seems to have been steadily growing.

Hollywood has always favoured reboots or sequels, historically they have been known asless risky’. People tend to be more interested in something familiar but is that theory beginning to waver and why are these latest movies failing?

Firstly reviews of these movies haven’t helped matters. All have mostly been balancing on average. Tie that with the franchises not being particularly exciting to start with, people just can’t be arsed to go see them. There is just no originality here, why waste your time and money on something you’re almost certainly going to just shrug your shoulders to and saymeh that was ok….” Audiences want to go to the cinema to be wowed and experience something fantastic, fresh stories and new adventures and it just screams lazy rehashing an old property that didn’t really need to be made.

Some of them are just too soon too, THE MUMMY in particular seems a little premature. Audiences still remember seeing the last film, most sat in the very same cinema watching the last one!

One huge exception to this would be this years BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. It preformed amazingly well at the box office, but its very clear to see why. Disney waitedWe have got to a point with technology where the classic cartoons can be reimagined and revived. Its a new generation of movies for a younger audience. Mum grew up with the original and theyre keen on showing their child the same kind of magic. Id put my house on the fact LION KING will make a small counties worth of profits when that launches in 2019, GUARENTEED! It doesn’t take a genius to see that THE MUMMY and BAYWATCH just don’t have the same pulling power Disneys classics have. There’s a reason Disney reboots exist. Its hard to see why we need a MUMMY reboot right now.

I believe originality is having a much larger pull than Hollywood expected this year. Jordan Peeles GET OUT. With a tiny budget of $4.5M, the movie went on to make $250M+ worldwide. Sitting on a 7.8 on IMDB and certified fresh on rotten tomatoes, the film did incredibly well. Compare that to Guy Ritchies KING ARTHUR, A very well known story that has been covered numerous times, people are bored with itIt cost a staggering $170M to produce and even with pretty positive reviews, only made $134.9M back.

Hollywood needs to stop relying on old franchises and fire out some great original movies. Coming up in the next few weeks were being treated to a handful of new, original movies, with the likes of DUNKIRK, BABY DRIVER & THE DARK TOWER. Hopefully these will be a jab in the arm for this years Box Office slump and remind us of why cinema is such a fantastic form of entertainment.

What are your thoughts on reboots? Do you prefer them over original films? Shout out below.



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