The Mummy 2017 review

A franchise worth digging up? 

RickWritten By: Rick Masters

So sorry for the lateness of this review, I’ve been so wrapped up in moving house and watching better films to get my fine arse to the cinema sooner.

The Mummy hasn’t done great at the box office and at the time of writing this review, is on course to make quite the loss. This is a shame because what director Alex Kurtzman has created here isn’t all that bad. The action scenes are pretty damn good with some fantastic special effects on show (some of the best I’ve seen in a long time actually). There’s a lot of creativity in these scenes too, The underwater chase is a visual treat and the way the actors are thrown around the set looks genuinely painful and real.

From an acting point of view it’s adequate. Tom Cruise is all Tom Cruisey, Sofia Boutella fits the role of The Mummy well and Annabelle Wallis, who plays Cruises love interest, is alright. Jake Johnson who is Cruises sidekick does grate after a while, his role as comedic relief would have been better if it was actually funny. The standout performance here is Russell Crowe who plays the role of Dr. Henry Jekyll. He levitated this film from distinctly average to half decent for the 20-30 minutes he was on screen. 

The issue i had was it just felt very ‘painting by numbers’, the story wasnt all that interesting and throughout the entire film I was a little perplexed over what The Mummys actual motivations were. Ive decided to knock up a little visual review for you to show my emotions…. Hope this helps:

The Mummy review

The blame for this film failing has been pointed towards the reviews but I personally don’t think it is the entire reason. Just like Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur (which has recieved positive reviews, including mine!) it’s a franchise people just aren’t that bothered about. I wasn’t excited to see a Mummy film and I believe the same can be said about the majority of the public. There are some monsters in this universe which I believe can pull in an audience, it’s just a shame they decided to launch a ‘Dark universe’ using this one.

The start of Universal’s “Dark Universe” is a bit of a limp one, however if one things for sure, it has got me pumped to see a Jekyll and Hyde film with Russell Crowe and it will be interesting to see all these ‘monsters’ start coming together in someway.

It’s a distinctly average summer blockbuster flick and they’re worse ways to spend 2 hours of your life. Of corpse that depends on if you believe an average film is worth your time and mummy.

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