TV REVIEW: Game Of Thrones: Episode 2 – Season 7 (Stormborn)

Game Of Thrones Stormborn

Ships to the left of you, dragons to the right… The fight is on!

Written By: Graeme Baldock

So this week I’ve watched this episode twice, back to back….why? Because I’ve found myself drawn in to it so much I haven’t made my notes for this review on first watch.

This week’s episode sees us straight into some nitty gritty, we see Daenerys and Tyrion planning war options for taking the throne. We also see Varys’ reappearance bringing his sharp wit and controlled jibes, however, for what I think is the first time ever we see Varys well and truly shot down by Daenerys. Her change in attitude shows a no nonsense approach and responds to Varys with clever sharp witted comebacks arguing her point in a way we have seen little of in her but it’s definitely a side I like and that stands her in good stead for the possible rule of the 7 kingdoms. We also see the return of Melisandre who arrives at Dragonstone….now this arrival splits me…on 1 hand the powers she possesses add no end of benefit to Daenerys’ campaign for the throne yet on the other hand I don’t trust the witch, her previous exploits have left us wondering which side of the line she falls. I would want the benefits but would I risk the possible betrayals? I guess we’ll see as the series progresses.

Game Of Thrones Stormborn

One of the biggest non-spoilers of late also becomes apparent….an allegiance with Jon Snow?! Who would have thought! I think we ALL have seen this coming and have ALL been pretty certain that it was coming, but the fact it’s now written enhances my excitement for this and through future scenes where we see Jon advising all in Winterfell he is going to meet Daenerys, where Sansa argues that it’s a trap….I find myself emersed in the argument pleading with them to just let him go! I mean I know I’m not there, I know that I’m not bearing any weighting in this argument but yet I still feel compelled to do it.

I think one of the most interesting parts of this whole scenario to me is Sansa being left Winterfell whilst Jon’s away. Now before any feminist start jumping on me and stoning me…it’s not her gender….it’s the whole Littlefinger thing…..the guy’s a snake!!!! The smarmy, smug lil grin on his face when Jon announces he’s leaving Winterfell to Sansa, quite frankly….makes me wanna punch the guy!!!! He clearly has his own objectives and is only looking after himself! A fact that I don’t think passes Jon by when Littlefinger confides in him that he loves Sansa like he loved her mother….a statement that clearly riles Jon as we see him lash out like never before.

Game Of Thrones Stormborn

Back in King’s Landing we see Cersei trying to amass a following, with Jamie talking secretly, attempting to get the support of the Tarlys. Initially this seems to anger Randyll Tarly however, he seems to be appeased with promises from Jamie. A switch in loyalty from the Tyrells? One of the biggest learning from this is the fact that there seems to have been a “solution” to the threat of Dragons….we see what is essentially a MASSIVE crossbow fired at the skeleton o a dragon and the arrow pierce the skull with no issue at all. Can this be used? Will it be used? This could swing the momentum away from Daenerys’ army….surely her dragons won’t be slain…please no.

What we later see is also somewhat more of a problem for Daenerys’ plans….after Olenna Tyrell and Eleria Sand agree to attack King’s Landing whilst Daenrys’ Unsullied and Doth Raki armies attack Casterley Rock, the Greyjoys’ Iron fleet, led by Yara, agree to escort Sand and the Dornish back to Dorne to amas their army….now my thinking at this point is holy hell bags we are going to see some massive fight scenes all over the shop, the Lannisters are done for…Game over…how are we filling the rest of the season and next. THEN…..holy hell breaks loose! Euron arrives and plunders the whole Iron fleet with his ships, he raids the ship that Yara and Theon are on (interrupting Yara’s sexy time with Eleria – Great timing Euron…thanks for that!) going on to slay the Sand snakes and capturing Eleria and the youngest snake. NOW….Yara….so we see Yara being held at knifepoint by Euron, Theon is then beckoned to save her….does he? Does he hell…..after we see him looking at other shipmates being maimed he hightails it over the side and into the sea….was this because of the maimings bringing back memories of his time with Ramsey or was it Yara’s treatment of him earlier? What happens to Yara?

Game Of Thrones Stormborn

Other things of note:

Samwell – we see him tending to Jora and his Greyscale, after being told by the Archmaester that the greycsale is too advanced and he can’t be helped, Sam sneaks in to Jora’s cell and tries treating him…the outcome? We’ll have to wait and see but I’m interested in this storyline….I’m thinking he’s cured. But where does he go? Does he make a beeline for Daenerys? I have always liked Sam, but this season he’s becoming a bit of a rebel….we’ve now seen him sneak looks at secret books about Dragonglass and now disobey orders and treat Jora….I have a feeling Sam has a big role to play in this yet.

Game Of Thrones Stormborn

Cersei – This episode I’ve noticed it…but Cersei has a look of Joffrey, especially with her hair…is this a sign of her upcoming attitude and actions?

Arya – So Arya has been a favourite of mine for a few seasons now but this season she’s amzing….firstly her slaughter of the Freys, and now we see her taking on elements of The Hound…we see some very Hound-like one liners off her this episode and I for 1 hope they continue. We see Arya learn from Hot Pie that Jon has winterfell and then we subsequently see Arya looking in 2 directions deciding where to go…where does she go? I think the fact that we see her double back means she’s off to Winterfell, but time will tell. We also see Nymeria’s return, however she seems confused by Arya. Now…Arya then says “That’s not you”….so if it isn’t Nymeria….who is it? Could it be Bran greenseeing and Arya now knows that Jon, Sansa AND Bran are still with us?

Game Of Thrones Stormborn

Final thought:

Another great episode continuing on from episode 1. Lots of questions, lots of “what’s gonna happen with….”. On first watching I thought the fight scenes on the boat were phenomenal….on second watch…I was slightly let down after previous fight scenes. I thought it was ever so slightly cheesy at times and very Pirates of the Caribbean. Still a great episode….7 days…..

Graeme Baldock

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