TV REVIEW: Game Of Thrones: Episode 3 – Season 7 (The Queen’s Justice)

Game of thrones episode 3

The Queen’s Justice.

Written By: Graeme Baldock

So this episode was different! Very different in some ways….if you’re after an action packed episode…this episode is not for you. It’s very dialect heavy….BUT…..I like it! I actually like it a lot! This episode is clearly a building block, a massive one at that, to the rest of the season and the story in total. Now what’s interesting for me is there’s the obvious story narrative like the interactions between Jon and Daenerys, but there’s subtle, potentially story impacting undertones that interest me more. Now people are maybe going to brush these off as speculation, miss them totally or have totally different opinions of the significance of these but these little undertones, knowing HBO and the producers, are going to play a part in upcoming episodes.

Game of thrones season 7

Varys talk with Melisandre – Varys’ tone is one that suggests Melisandre is not wanted in Dragonstone, just as you think you’re going to get some kind of argument, agreement from her that she doesn’t want to be there!!!! Now without this bit I wouldn’t have paid much attention to the conversation but I’m glad I did. The conversation that follows is intriguing…..Melisandre says she’s leaving Westeros but will return one last time….to die. Significant? Meaningful?

Game of thrones season 7

Jamie Lannister – So a few things in the episode seem to focus on Jamie and his relationship between him and Cersei. Firstly we see Euron, after presenting Cersei with her “gifts”, joke with Jamie asking him for advice, then, when asked, Euron replies “Does She like it gentle? Rough? A finger in the arse” Now while I along with many laugh this off….Jamie is angered at this….ok…it’s kind of understandable but his reaction, to me seems inflated/exaggerated…he seems to be way more bothered by it than he should be. Then we see Jamie and Cersei in bed together….now the first time I watched this I thought he was lovingly looking at her, but when you watch it again…there seems to be a bit of a sinister look in his eyes. Is he turning against her? The most interesting interaction we see from Jamie is the one with Olenna… he’s taken over  High Garden and now faces Olenna, right….she knows what’s coming but right until the end she’s…well….she’s typical Olenna. She gets Jamie to tell her that she’s getting a quick death and not what Cersei had planned….then…she necks the poison and confesses all about killing his son, the scrotebag that was….Joffrey. We then see a distinct turn in Jamie….is it anger at what she’s done? Anger at letting Olenna have the “easy” death? Or is it the fact that Joffrey was his and Cersei’s son is more known than he thought?

Bran – Ok….no we’ve not seen him yet, and we see him for a grand total of about 3 minutes in this episode but my question here is….WHY? Why have this scene in this episode? Yes it’s showing his arrival at Winterfell, yes it’s great he’s back…..but surely there’s more significance to this?….his disclosure that he’s the 3 eyed raven to Sansa MUST have more significance? Surely?

Other points of interest – The Iron bank are on the scene now….what difference will they make to Cersei? Sansa’s Tone with Littlefinger has changed, she’s very sharp tongued at him now…does she see through him? What significance is Littlefingers statement “Everyone is your friend, everyone is your enemy at the same time”? Sam has got rid of Jorah’s Greyscale, how much of a part is Sam going to play to Jon? What’s Jorah going to do when he gets to Daenerys?

game of thrones

My first complaint – Ok I’m not one to complain about GoT normally….BUT I was let down this week…by a fight scene!!!! We see Grey worm take on Casterley Rock….now albeit there wasn’t much opposition but it felt like this fight had been wrote out longer and then cut down to fit running time! Very lacking compared to other fight scene’s we’ve had!

Graeme Baldock

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