TV REVIEW: Game Of Thrones: Episode 4 – Season 7 (The Spoils Of War)

The Spoils Of War.

Written By: Rick Masters

I’m standing in for Graeme who usually writes the TV reviews while he’s off enjoying his holidays, hope thats ok? Good.

And you know what… I’m already convinced I’m having more fun stuck at home NOT on holidays than he is ON holidays as I’ve just got to enjoy episode four and he has to wait till Saturday. SATURDAY!


I was tempted to just simply write “Holy shit balls” and just leave it there. It’s taken me a good hour to just calm down. That to me was one of the greatest episodes of Game Of Thrones I’ve ever witnessed. The climax to the show was a scene I’ve been waiting to see for 6 and a bit seasons! To finally see Daenerys burn down a huge part of the Lannister army. After a few nasty out-maneuvers in the last episode she finally got a win and a huge one at that!

The question is, has Jaime Lannister now been captured by her? Will he now get to see what John Snow began to see in this episode… Just simply how powerful, yet loving this queen is… Will he change his alligance in yet another powerful twist? Could he be the prince that was promised who kills the one he loves for the greater good? It would seem its heading that way but this is of course only my prediction, people have many others.

We now know the gold has arrived at Kings landing which opens up the question; just what can the iron bank do to help? What can they bring to the fight to assist Cersei?

Littlefinger is still very much a mystery in this episode. Giving the dagger that caused so many problems back in season 1 to Bran Stark but for what reason? I can’t work out his play at all but I’m convinced whatever he has up his sleeves isn’t good for anyone other than himself. Bran is also left in the fog, what the hell is going on with this little shit? “Chaos is a ladder” WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN BRAN! Bloody riddles.

Game Of Thrones season 7

Arya Stark played a huge role in my enjoyment for this episode. How bloody good was that fight scene? She is clearly not a girl to mess with and can very much look after herself. And now she has Valyrian steel weapon it’s almost a certainty that she will be stabbing it into the heart of some white walkers in the near future… yes?

John has finally started to get through to Daenerys regarding the White walkers thanks to the old hieroglyphics in the cave. But will he bend the knee? It’s looking like the best option right now.

So the Stark kids are all back together, Theon Greyjoy reunites with John Snow and it’s here we learn that the Queen isnt home…. Where is she?  Que one of the greatest scenes in Game of Thrones so far.
The wait for episode 5 begins and as much as I want that next episode now… This one I will happily repeat until my watch begins again.


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