TV REVIEW: Game Of Thrones: Episode 5 – Season 7 (Eastwatch)

Graeme and Rick review the episode of speedy reunions.

Written By: Graeme Baldock

So after last week’s action packed episode where most of us begged for the child murdering rapist Jamie to not be killed…this could ONLY happen in Game of Thrones!!!! I was kind of expecting a lull in the action and whilst we got it….this was yet another building block episode that tantalised and teased us. Arguably every scene has points of interest but I’ve picked out 3 of the people I think will have biggest implication on stories later in the season.

Samwell Tarley

We see Sam again being shot down by the archmaester. Now Sam of old would have just cowered away and taken it….The Sam we are seeing this season though….he doesn’t…he uses it as motivation. He has a want to show people that he has a part to play. A want to help Jon Snow. His loyalty to Jon drives him on trying to find the way to defeat the white walkers. His remark of “I’m tired of reading about the achievements of better men” to me shows that he’s ready and willing to play a part in the Great War that’s coming. But how much of a role? I think we are going to see a LOT more of Sam in a pivotal role.

Game Of Thrones

Lord Baylish (Littlefinger)

Ok I’ve never been a fan of this guy! And quite frankly I never will be! He’s a smarmy little bastard! In this episode we see he receive a message from a messenger that’s been brought, apparently, from the maesters room. Arya sees this happen and once Littlefinger leaves she sneaks in his room, finds the note and reads it…now the clever camera work doesn’t let us see the whole note…of course it doesn’t…its Game of bloody Thrones!!! But we do see that someone is dead, someone tried to steal the throne and someone is asked to swear fealty to King Joffrey. After seeing the note and looking very concerned Arya sneaks from the room but is seen by Littlefinger. Now instead of looking shocked by this he shows his smug lil smirk…I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to punch his face in. What’s he up to? Is he trying to play the Starks off against each other?

Jamie Lannister

Ok what’s he going to do? Is he under Cersei’s spell? Is he gonna stand up against her…will he just make his mind up? We see both sides in this episode…we see him pining to Cersei..especially after the mention of a baby!!!! Please tell me there’s no more inbred children on the way. We also see the other side of Jamie, that little look of discontent and anger at Cersei. When Cersei tells Jamie not to betray her again we see the look initially as shock then we see his eyes change. How’s their relationship gonna play out?

Other points to note
Dany’s attitude continues – toasting the Tarleys.
A White Walkers attack must be soon.
Gendry is back and is bad ass.
Jon and Dany – holy hell….sooooooo much sexual tension its unreal!
The white walker hunter group…are they gonna get a walker or are they gonna end up killing each other
And…….Gilly………she’s found out about Rhaegar….this needs to come out to the open…soon!


Written By: Rick Masters

Just a few pointers I wanted to add to graemes breakdown of episode 5. Firstly… How the fuck did Jamie wash up on the shore so far away from the battle? I spent a week going over what the outcome of his dive into the abyss could mean; Could he swim in all that armour? Surely Daenerys has him captured? BUT alas NO. He splutters a little and makes his way back to his Queen unharmed. This annoyed me.

Another rant is the sheer speed the series is going now. This episode featured some huge reunions including Gendry (who hasnt been seen since 2013). Jorah and Daenerys, Tyrion and brother Jaime for the first time in many seasons, all of which should have been huge events, and in seasons previously would have taken much more time in these particular scenes. This season though seems to be hitching a ride on that back of a dragon flying straight to Climax central. It’s beginning to feel like everything is simply becoming rapidly ticked-off plot points and are lacking major emotional pulls.

Tyrion and Jaimes meet annoyed me the most. Tyrion nearly see his brother toasted; and how Tyrion knew he was still alive simply baffles me. Tyrion killed their father and yet within a couple of words Jaime simply shrugs it off. The scene teases us with what could have been with Tyrions stunning acting really beginning to shine as he emotionally admits to Jaime as to why he did what he did but even this is cut short. This could have been a heart wrenchingly emotional scene and yet it last all of 4 minutes. Hang your head in shame GoT.

The stark children reuniting is something we’ve been waiting for since the beginning yet in Season 7 its all happened incredibly quickly, oddly bereft of feeling, marked by one-sided hugs and constrained dialogue. I know the show is coming to an end next season but if they are blasting through it at this pace who’s really going to care whos sitting on the throne? Heres hoping they slow it down a touch, stop skipping the character-establishing scenes and bring back some of the emotional weight the show is built on.

Graeme Baldock

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