TV REVIEW: Game Of Thrones: Episode 6 – Season 7 (Beyond the Wall)

beyond the wall

What lies beyond the wall?

Written By: Graeme Baldock

OK so the big question this week was did you or didn’t you? As a totally impatient bastard…I’ll admit…I did watch this early…and was I impressed?…..Well, to much criticism I did and I didn’t!
One colleague says it was the greatest episode ever….I whole heartedly repute this. As per normal I’ve watched it twice now and once again as I write this.

The Crew
So I’ve called them the crew as there is no real title for them. After the end of Episode 5 I was genuinely worried for their fate. I genuinely thought that they would break apart, but far from it.
The first 15minutes is pure awesome for showing the truth of characters, the witty one liners add the comedy, but more importantly I think we get a few clues as to future events in some of the interactions. “May it serve you well…….and your children afterwards”.

game of thrones season 7

Sansa….now I’ve been a big fan of her, not just because of her looks…honest, but I’m starting to dislike her a little bit. Now is it because of her character developing or is it because of Arya calling her out on things she’s done. Maybe she’s been looking after herself all this time or has she been acting scared? Either way you answer these questions…we ALL know why this is turning….Littlefinger is making it turn!!! He’s playing this out, the Stark girls are, right now, Littlefingers puppets. How’s he going to play them from here is anyones guess.

Ok so I’ve avoided it as long as possible now….the White Walker fight, and I’m not gonna go into details of the fight here. But let me start by saying…wow…now we are back to the fight scenes that we know and love from Game of thrones…Fast paced, jumpy camera work, tension….it makes you feel like you are there. You’re immersed in it. You’re on the field fighting alongside them. The constant changing of the direction of the fights. It all makes for a fight scene you can’t fail to love. IF the next episode or next season sees more of this I’ll be a very happy bunny.

game of thrones season 7 episode 6

HOWEVER…..and trust me, it pains me to say this….the storying of the fight…well it was far too predictable! Dany comes to the rescue….surprise! Big characters get into sticky situations, but unlike before I always felt like they were going to escape them. I never really felt like any of them were at major risk. And for me….I thought the way it panned out was very predictable. Once the dragons were involved I knew we’d lose one. Granted I didn’t know how but we saw the posters pre-season and it shows the Night King with a blue eyed ice dragon…I’ll admit, I didn’t see the Olympic Gold medal winning javelin throw that the Night King pulled out the bag coming. And I get it had to be addressed if he was to get a dragon. Could it have been done a bit less obvious? Yeah.
Ultimately….it’s a great episode….sets up final battles, mysteries about who the Night King is and what will become of characters. Has some flaws. Annoyingly, but in a good way, just as tension builds it cuts to a sedate scene. It’s typical Game of Thrones. Am I disappointed in some elements…yes. Am I disappointed in the episode as a whole? HELL NO!!!!!!!! Roll on the final episode!


Written By: Rick Masters

I moaned in our previous episode review that the pacing is far too quick in this season. Its at risk of losing everything that makes GAME OF THRONES so special, the slow building of character development followed by one or two outstanding episodes seems to be a thing of the past. This season right here is a prime example of ‘too much of a good thing.’ Now I’ve heard some people singing its praises and are happy to see it speed up and the viewing figures (even with its constant leaks) prove it’s doing something right but I’m personally getting a little bit annoyed.  This show feels like my baby dragon, I’ve watched it grow from quite a nerdy porno to this huge extravaganza of a show and I’m terrified its all going to be ruined in the final few episodes with its lack of deep meaningful conversations, character builing and logic.

Game of thrones season 7

John Snow and Co. wander from the wall, all the way to the army of the dead in what would have been spread over 2-3 episodes previously. This would have given us more time to hear all the different stories as some of the biggest characters in the show interact with each other. But ultimately we arrive at the fight incredibly quickly with very predictable outcomes. The dragon flying in and saving the day (eagles from Lord of the Rings moment!) was something I predicted with a friend days ago. Come on, this show has been built on its unpredictability. – Also where did the Night King get them big ass chains from eh? EH?

But enough of the negativity, I did still throughly enjoy the show. A huge improvement from the darting around of last episode and that fight was incredible! We finally get to see dragons laying waste to hundreds of the undead (just not the right ones) and a very impressive bear fight. Little finger continues to annoy us in the way only he knows how and the scene with Daenerys and Snow had some genuine chemistry sizzling between the two!

Sansa sends Brienne away because the plot requires her to be unprotected, nothing more. This scene had me screaming at the TV? Her motive to send her away is stupid at best! For that she deserves to die… Thats right Sansa… time to bite the dust you whiny little madam (sorry Graeme).

We almost see the end of Tormund Giantsbane, and in contrast to Graeme, I actually thought we were going to loose him there! He survives for another day and has another shot and winning over Brienne of Tarth. We do see the end of a couple of fairly high-profile deaths in Benjen Stark and Paul Kaye’s Thoros although it was pretty clear their time was up. And although it’s very difficult for me to talk about so soon, we also see the death of Viserion, one of Daenerys dragons. Poor fella deserved to rest in peace a little longer than he got, I’ll see you again soon!


And thats my small piece of valyrian steel for this week. Be sure to come back next week for the final episodes review… till then keep warm, winter is here.

Graeme Baldock



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