TV REVIEW: Game Of Thrones: Episode 7 – Season 7 (The Dragon And The Wolf)

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Night gathers, and now my watch begins.

Written By: Graeme Baldock
Did we get a massively epic battle fuelled episode that answered all our questions? Did we hell as like! Of course we didn’t…it’s Game of Thrones!!!! What we did get was my favourite episode of the season and probably one of the best episodes of the story so far. We had the expected, the unexpected, curveballs and at least 5 “FUCCCCCKKKK” moments. We see the subtle, and not so subtle, comedy tones that I for one love of the show, the witty one liners of Tyrion and the not so witty but equally funny one liners of The Hound. But the standout for me in this episode is the twists of the story and the emotions I felt with it.
Game of thrones season 7


We see every side of Cersei in this episode. We see her brutality, her compassionate and her downright deviousness. We see the meeting of the 3 “claimants” to try and forge an allegiance against the White army. At first Cersei says she’ll help as long as Jon stays out of the “bigger” fight. Naturally Jon says that he’s not going to and will side with Dany and so Cersei walks away. We then get shown a conversation with Cersei verbally attacking Tyrion over the deaths of their father, Tyrion and Tommen. Next we see is Cersei agreeing to support the fight in the north….hallelujah…she’s realised this fight needs to be won, she’s going to help. NOPE…..typical Cersei backs down on this promise of help, much to the annoyance of Jamie in a scene where we have a lot of tension between the 2 of them, so much so that Jamie thinks he’s going to be killed and flees…but where to? Could we see a love triangle between him, Tormund and Brienne? And with Euron going to get the Golden Army, how will Cersei’s fate play out?
game of thrones season 7 finale
Ok so this tension has been annoying me for weeks now….how can Sansa be so stupid as to let Littlefinger make an impression on her. This episode had me screaming at her, and promising her she’s out my life (a very painful moment), when we see Littlefinger convince her that Arya is going to try and overthrow her. At this point my note for this review says “LF really needs to fuck off now”. We then see Arya summoned to the Great Hall, charges of murder and treason are put forward…….by this point I’ve disowned Sansa…..not to Arya but to Littlefinger! Holy Shit! She’s realised. She has known. She has played him at his own game!!!! Sansa is kick ass! Come back to me Sansa! Then after a very short “trial”, in which Bran show’s he’s seen things, Arya delivers a death inducing stab to the throat. Terrah Littlefinger….what a moment. The Starks are strong, The Starks are united!
GoT littlefinger
We also see Sam’s eventful return to Winterfell, and after tying in Bran’s visions with his (well Gilly’s) learnings in the Citadel….the truth is out! Jon Snow is not Snow, or Sand…..he’s Aegon Targaryen. Now more interestingly is the significance of this name. Aegon Targaryen was the name of the first Targaryen King, the unifier of the 7 kingdoms! Will Jon follow in his name sake’s footsteps? And of course this happens just as Jon and Dany FINALLY get it on…loves a bit of incest do Martin and HBO.
And for our end of season cliff hanger….well it had to be really didn’t it?! The White army descends on the wall with giants in tow….and a dragon. Who takes down the wall! They are through. The White army is coming. Winter is here!

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Graeme Baldock

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