MOVIE PODCAST – Thor Ragnarok & GeoStorm


Written By: Rick Masters
Marvel’s latest blockbuster THOR RAGNAROK hammers down this week so myself and Dean have a review all ready for you! I’ve also had the (dis)pleasure of seeing Gerard Butler’s disaster flick GEOSTORM… both of which we have written reviews of on this very site. We also discuss latest television technology and if 4k is really worth it. Not only that but we have a brand new game of guess the theme tune… Talk about being spoilt! Angry Jon misses his very first Podcast and we barely notice his absence (it is a little calmer to be fair) but he’ll be back moaning and whining in no time!
Ohh and I also created one of the greatest pumpkins ever made* Check that out at the bottom of this page.
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In this weeks episode:


Jurassic Park Pumpkin

*possibly not the greatest pumpkin ever made


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