POPBACK: Captain America The First Avenger (2011)

Written By: Rick Masters
This was never going to be an easy film to bring across to the big screen. Firstly you have the issues of first introducing a scrawny looking kid who would soon become some muscle clad super hero but he was also called “Captain America” the cheesiest sounding superhero possible.
FIRSTLY that first issue… How they manage to create this skinny Chris Evans is beyond me… even all these years later I still think it look fantastic! Quick google and it would appear Digital head replacement / face projection is the tech used. The actor is filmed with multiple cameras and this digital file is object tracked onto a different body. Its hugely impressive even now, so much so that I’m awarding this film 8 stars!
The movie showcases the rise of Steve Rogers and is the first of the MCU movies that takes place in a different time period. This one goes way back to WWII, and this gives the film its own uniqueness against the other movies released so far.
One of the strongest elements of this film is its core message “A weak man knows the value of strength.”.. The rising up of the small man, team work and determination. Captain America becomes the symbol of hope and patriotism which he still stand for to this day. The story is pretty solid. Steve Rodger has a strong character development arc and you find yourself really rooting for the guy. There’s nothing more thrilling than watching the underdog getting the upper hand.
Chris Evans is yet another superb casting choice from Marvel, he brings to the role plenty of warmth and love that suits the character fantastically. Bucky played by Sebastian Stan is introduced as Steves best friend in a gentle first appearance to the character that we will soon get to know much better in future Cap instalments. Hugo Weaving plays this story’s main villain and does a sterling job, especially considering how outlandish Red Skull is. Tommy Lee Jones appearance adds a huge amount of value to the movie as he hauls with him a ton of fun and humour. I’d love to see him appear again in the MCU but how they’d do that I have no idea….

There are plenty of action moments dotted throughout and they steadily start to fall in quality as the film progresses towards the slightly video gamey ending but they’re OK.. Probably knock a few stars off for that runway chase at the very end… That looks particularly CRAPtin America.
Thrown in there for good measure are some great little references to the growing MCU franchise and the inclusion of Tony Stark’s dad as the US armies weapon contractor is a great touch. It also neatly places the Cap exactly where he is needed ready for the next big film AVENGERS
Overall its a great addition to the ever expanding universe and the different time period really sets this apart from the rest. Evans brings an absolutely flawless performance of Captain America to the screen. He remains the simple boy from Queens throughout, the look of wonder and awe in his eyes never depleting. A true hero through and through. Cap I salute you.
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