POPBACK: Avengers Assemble (2012)

Written By: Rick Masters

So this is it! The first ensemble of superheroes from the 5 solo movies out so far… They had all been leading up to this.

Cinematic universes all coming together in one big blockbuster has recently become quite the norm in Hollywood but at the time AVENGERS ASSEMBLE was released this was something quite new. The excitement of seeing some of the biggest superheroes stand side by side together was nothing short of awe-inspiring…. If this film failed it was likely put a stop to the universe building crusade and the Hollywood we are currently seeing emerge would likely not be happening at all. (see that how you will).

So it was with a huge sigh of relief to witness not only a very well produced and handled story but a fantastic movie overall. To juggle the coming together of all these characters and yet still stand on its own was a huge achievement!

Director Joss Wheldon balances the mix perfectly, there is not a single joke that didn’t work, not a single piece of dialogue that felt out of tune or out of character. The actors know exactly what they were doing, and how their character would behave and react. Its a benefit derived from the fact that the MCU took its time. Unlike other universes cough *DC* cough Marvel took it’s sweet time establishing each and every character and the pay-off is clear.

And with all these mighty heroes joining forces, an equally powerful villain would have to step up to the challenge and Hiddleston’s Loki is just the man! He knocks his performance out of the park and is an absolute joy to watch. He gives this character such cockiness, hostility and desperation but also some real motivations. After being introduced to him in Thor’s first movie, we have the advantage of understanding this character and what drives him, making him a great villain.

The interactions between the characters is nigh on perfect and hugely engaging. I could sit for hours watching Tony Stark and Captain America have sly digs at each other and the chemistry between each and everyone of them is electric! More proof that Marvel/Disney have got the casting blob on!

Technically this film is practically perfect. There are so many impressive set pieces, from the airship attack and the many battles raging within, to the mind blowing city attack.. which incidently, still stands as my favourite MCU battle so far. It is simply stunning. CGI, costume, character and creature design, all blow me away.

The Avengers is, without a doubt, this generation’s Star Wars. Or Indiana Jones. Or Back to the future. It’s iconic for what it has achieved, and what lies right in the centre of this movie is a big, thunderously thumping heart. Its exciting, emotional, engrossing and most importantly FUN!

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