POP BACK: Captain America Civil War (2016)

Written By: Rick Masters
My excitement levels for this film were through the roof! To see some of the greatest superheroes finally battle it out amongst themselves certainly got my blood pumping! But how does the film shape up overall?
First the story! Too bring so many characters, who have worked together many times in the past, into conflict AND make it believable was always going to be difficult. This film very cleverly pulls together all the events of previous films and creates a very compelling argument. Should the Avengers be held responsible for the huge disasters that have taken place all over the world? Should they be controlled?
It’s a great plot and creates a genuine rift between many of them. Although it doesn’t leave much room for a main villain and the one featured in this film is hugely forgettable. (he’s certainly no Loki) The story works though and features some really tense scenes between Cap and Stark. These scenes treat us to some great acting too which is always nice to see in these Hollywood action fests!
New characters are excitingly thrown into the mix… the main ones being Black Panther and Spiderman. Just don’t expect them to be fully fleshed out, Black Panther is explained fairly well and has got me pumped up for his solo movie, Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther) plays the role brilliantly yet I cant help but feel Spiderman is somewhat shoehorned in. No explanation of how Stark found him or exactly what his powers are. This was clearly saved more for his solo film but Tom Holland is so great I was left wanting more.
If you want action though the airport scene is where it is at! 20 (ish) minutes of pure carnage! I must add it does take place in the quietest airport I’ve ever seen! Not a single bystander or unlucky civilian around which struck me as odd. It’s unbelievably fun watching them all beat seven shades of shit out of each other with Spiderman and Black Panther getting in on it all! (Some brilliant jokes thrown in by Spiderman serves to lighten the mood every once and a while).
Now its not to say this film is perfect, far from it, however most of the negatives are only minor niggles. As I mentioned before, the main villain is quite weak and so the plot feels a little strange, It doesn’t follow the usually story structure we’re so used to in today’s Hollywood movies (It’s a similar problem Batman v Superman had) The main villains are your heroes and you care for both of them so you don’t really have anyone to hate.
The climax to this film is much smaller in scale to the usual Marvel flick too, although it’s really well done and grabbed me much more emotionally than the others.
Overall it’s a fantastic new entry to the marvel cinematic universe. It doesn’t really do anything new and it’s exactly what I expected from these current Marvel movies but the action never lets up, the characters are brilliant and the story gripping.
You’ve done it again Marvel! Now if Thanos could hurry up and give us the juggernaut villain these movies are starting to desperately need right about now. That would be great!
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