POP BACK: Ant-Man (2015)

Written By: Rick Masters

First, Paul Rudd is a great choice to play Marvel’s Ant-Man… Hes charming, funny and, most importantly, very different to the current marvel squad of characters. He brings with him a different style which gives this film its own unique identity in the MCU… Does that make it a good film? No not really.

Ant-Man does what it needs to do to please its usual comic-book audience but it feels weak in almost every department other than its special effects. The characters are incredibly one dimensional and their motivations and decisions are questionable to say the least. Its also full to the brim of clichés, coincidences and cheap story twists which made me audibly sigh every time they appeared.. attempts at humour were cringe-worthy and the villain was comical and cartoonish, something Marvel should have a better grip of by now.


The action scenes are damn impressive though, once he shrinks down to ant size the giant everyday house hold items and extra threats of being stood on are really fun to watch. The fights scenes are rather disappointing however as generic bad guys frail around as they get their arses beat by an invisible superhero… Its something that I could film in my living room and makes for pretty odd and disappointing action moments. AND don’t get me started with the obligatory AVENGERS cameo… its a lazy throw in scene and completely unnecessary.

ANT-MAN does have an awful lot of flaws and compared to the rest of the MCU it feels likes its younger brother trying to be cool and jump in with the big boys. A few fun moments are to be found (Thomas the Tank engine put a smile on my face) but this is just too simple and dumb for my liking.

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