Popcornography’s TOP 10 Movies of 2018

top 10 movies 2018

Written By: Rick Masters

It’s that most wonderful time of year again where I dust off my website and roll out a brand new webpage of all the films I’ve loved over the past year and maannnnnnnn has it been a good year!

2018 has provided us with some incredible content, ranging from some of the most entertaining superhero films ever made, shockingly disturbing horrors escape, an explosion of fantastic musical numbers and some truly heart-warming indies.

Here I’m going to attempt to rank them in order of what I enjoyed the most, it’s all personal preference of course and your list will no doubt differ but that’s the true beauty of film and I look forward to seeing your charts! (Be sure to link them in the comments below!)

Soooo on this festive Friday afternoon, instead of sitting and playing with my new Christmas toys (a vacuum cleaner and some black socks) I’ve decided to plonk myself down with a strong coffee and copious amounts of chocolate and tap out my top 10 list… you ready? I’m ready… LETS GO!!

Director: Guillermo del Toro

“When he looks at me, the way he looks at me… He does not know, what I lack… Or – how – I am incomplete. He sees me, for what I am.”

Hitting UK cinemas in mid February, this visually stunning period film blew me away. It’s overflowing (literally) with emotion and striking imagery that only few directors are capable of achieving. THE SHAPE OF WATER features some of the best production design I have ever seen with actors who all flow in harmony with the story and the emotional core is so powerful thanks to the masterful performance of Sally Hawkins. Dip your toe in for a moment and you’ll be pulled right under. (These puns are only going to get worse)

Director: Christopher McQuarrie

“The blood will be on your hands. The fallout of all your good intentions.”

This right here is the pinnacle of action movies, Its fast, slick, stunning to look at and completely bonkers. FALLOUT continues the series trend of relentless, lengthy and extraordinary set pieces that feel so visceral and genuine. The effort that goes into these moments rather than throwing it all in front of a green screen is what sets these films apart from the rest.

I did however find it relied too much on events of previous entries (which the earlier films only flirted with) With that said MISSION IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT is another very strong addition to Cruise’s excellent spy series…. It’s invigorating, frantic and nerve-shredding with some of the greatest, most creative stunts ever put to screen. Mission Accomplished.

Director: Brett Haley

“You told me to be brave and I will remember that.”

Like a beautifully simple melody, HEARTS BEAT LOUD flows gently through a story of love, music and life. Featuring some gorgeous songs and fantastic performances. This film is warm, heartfelt, emotional and a breath of fresh air! Once the credits rolled I had that elusive little bubble of happiness in my gut which I love to feel after these kind of movies. One for them cosy Sunday afternoons.

Director: Susan Johnson

“I know you’re only being nice to me because I accidentally made a sex tape and you feel bad.”

Now… a quick disclaimer: My ranking for this little beauty might have something to do with the events that have taken place in my life this year and may have swayed my vote a little… but you know when some films just speak to you and/or you can relate to more than others?

Made up of soft gentle vibes and good humour, To all the boys I’ve loved before is a refreshingly human rom-com that introduces us to the adorable Lana Condor as she battles her many emotions of loss and love. Much of the film’s success rides on her tiny shoulders and on her on-screen chemistry with co-stars just makes this film. This is a pastel-tinted, sweet story that is a pure delight from start to finish. (Only you might enjoy it/hate it more if your life is surrounded by odd little Asians)

Director: Alex Garland

“You said nothing comes back. But something has…”

Ummppphh! If you want a film to mess you up and blow your mind then ANNIHILATION is where it’s at! There are some fantastic performances from the cast, most notably Jennifer Jason Leigh and Natalie Portman and this is easily one of the most beautiful films I’ve ever seen, with vibrant colours and imagery throughout. Except for a couple of flashbacks and character trait reveals which I found odd and unneeded the overall story is incredibly absorbing, frequently tense, and at times terrifying. That scene with the screaming bear will stay with me for the rest of my days and has lost me countless hours of sleep….

Director: Carlos López Estrada

“You are a convicted felon, Mr. Hoskins. You are now that until proven otherwise. Prove otherwise at all times.”

Now I enjoyed this one massively! One of the freshest films I’ve seen all year, BLINDSPOTTING not only showcases some fantastic standout performances but also features characters so fleshed out, so lived-in and authentic, that it makes their story so much more compelling.
Perfectly paced, vibrant and energetic, the film somehow balances humour and rap with systemic racism and police brutality in a confident and seriously cool manner. Effortlessly great