Popcornography’s TOP 10 Movies of 2018

Now this is where this list becomes difficult. Splitting my top 4 into favourites is like choosing the tastiest coco pop from a bowl of coco pops… they’re all equally as delicious but here we go…

Directors: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

“You throw another moon at me and I’m gonna lose it!”

INFINITY WAR is by far my most watched film of 2018 (with 4 and a half play-throughs at time of writing) and is probably on par with my 2nd favourite film of the year with how much fun I had with it… How a cinematic universe can get to its 19th release and still be surprising us and delivering quality entertainment on this level is outstanding! The amount of work that must go into keeping it all coherent is breath taking.
With Marvel having the luxury of 10 years to build emotional connections with almost all of the on-screen characters, Infinity War has the emotional clout to smack you all over the place and drown you in heartache. With so much to explain and so many heroes to juggle it does an insanely good job of keeping it all together. The Special effects are flawless and Thanos is the villain we’ve all be longing for in the Marvel universe for sometime. It’s overstuffed yet so relentless in its intensity. I left the cinema in stunned silence…. A reminder of just how powerful a film can be! End Game can’t come quick enough!

Director: Leigh Whannell

“You now have full control again, Grey.”

My predicament: I got one of them Alexas last Christmas and I’ve never fully trusted her… I mean, I gave her full control of my heating, lights and stereo but I still don’t fully trust the little witch. In fact she’s probably reading this as I type and slowly plotting something similar to what happens in this little gem of a film…. But hey, if I don’t have to get up to put the kettle on I’ll take the risk for the time being.
UPGRADE is a brilliantly executed story with impeccable direction, top-draw acting, perfectly paced and features ultra cool, creative and visceral action. I was totally unprepared for how good this movie was! (I do also now add “please” to all my Alexa requests) Easily one of the top action flicks of the year.

Director: Bryan Singer

How many more galileos do you want?!”

SO MUCH FUN, SO MUCH BLOODY FUN! Last year I got a huge amount of pleasure out of the Greatest Showman film and this year Queen has taken over my life. I’m loving these musicals at the moment and for this film I even travelled down to London to watch it in one of their mega cinemas and man was it worth it! Hearing these incredible songs playing out loud on dobly digital 15.4 (or whatever they were) surround sound speakers and witnessing the recreation of Live Aid with one of the best performances of the year by Rami Malek was just simply stunning.
It’s a rather light-hearted, bubblegum journey through the musical career of the late, great Freddie Mercury and his band and the film took quite of lot of flack for that but I actually applaud it. This is a celebration of the bands success and the amazing career of the late, great Freddy and to get bogged down in some of the darker, edgier moments of his life would only go to harm this film (and perhaps his memory). I have no doubt it was always meant to be a fun, energetic thrill ride through Queens top chart hits and it achieves exactly that! Emotional, humorous, goose-bump inducing musical drama featuring the greatest soundtrack that could ever be… It most certainly rocked me!

Just before I reveal my favourite film of 2018… here’s a few honourable mentions:

Delivers a suspenseful and emotional drama but it’s also incredibly detailed with its smart visual trickery. A story you won’t be able to log off from.
It all moves along at a great pace and is consistently entertaining, funny, heartbreaking and endearing.
A rollercoaster of emotions… featuring some fantastic songs, great direction and an unexpectedly masterful performance from Lady Gaga!
With eye meltingly good visuals and a bold, interesting story, Miles Morales Spiderman brings a lot of heart and reinvigorates both animation and the super-hero genre.
Doesn’t quite check out as strongly as it did when it first checks in but you’ll enjoy your stay non-the-less.
Except for a rather pedestrian story and questionable conclusion, Wes Anderson’s ISLE OF DOGS is truly breathtakingly beautiful…
This is an insanely dark, harrowing, horror that at times is almost unbearable. Featuring countless scenes that’ll I’ll never forget.
Director: John Krasinski


Well this one snook up on me… I’m not usually one for horrors but this one hugely impressed! A QUIET PLACE is one of the most inventive and beautifully crafted horror movies I’ve seen in a very long time and to achieve what it does in its brisk 90 minute run-time is nothing short of incredible. The film buries under your skin and will leave you thinking about it long after the credits roll, so much so that I’m typing this review as quietly as I possibly can so the slimy crab monsters wont hear my tapping.
This is an original and unnerving horror, well-executed, perfectly paced and a thrill ride of sheer tension. Tell everyone but do it quietly

And that’s your lot! If you’d like to see my full rundown of 2018 movies then be sure to check my Letterboxd RANKED list HERE

What do you agree with? Which films do you completely disagree with, so much so that you want to pour boiling water into my eyes? Be sure to let me know either on twitter, the comments below or over on my facebook page.

Thanks for reading, stick around for more film nonsense in the new year and I hope you’ve all had an amazing holiday season! Bring on 2019!

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