Film Appreciation

RickWritten By: Rick Masters

The film industry and been creating movies for longer than any of us have been alive (Including my friend Jon, who is WELL OLD). It has given us some engrossing and emotional stories, introduced us to some of the most unforgettable characters and wowed us with some unbelievable visuals.

Every few days I like to look back at some of the movies that had an effect on me in some way, either they made me laugh, cry with sadness or simply take me on a journey that helped me escape the stresses of the real world.

Ive been posting these for a month or so now and I thought it only be right to compile the ones shared so far. Take a look through and let me know in the comments below which films are your favourites!


Which are your favourites!?
If you have any suggestions for films, send them over. Contact details below.


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