The Coffee Break Reviews: Let’s Be Cops

Lets Be Cops
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RickWritten By: Rick Masters
Welcome to the first bite sized review for Popcornography, a mini series I’m calling ‘The Coffee Break Reviews:’  A lighthearted look at a recent film or game without delving too deeply and giving away too much, In my opinion a true review can only be done by YOU, this is to give you a short insight into what to expect and to figure out if it’s really worth your time.

My first review is a comedy directed by Luke Greenfield, best know for his film “A Girl Next Door” released back in 2004. This film follows a similar style in comedy, including quite a bit of slapstick, nonsense and ridiculous situations.

The film starts out quite strong, Ryan (Jake Johnson) and Justin (Damon Wayans Jr.)  are two friends who havent exactly achieved much in life. They’re quickly starting to realise this as they meet their old school friends at a fancy dress party in which they choose to go to as police officers.

As they make their way home people start to take notice of them, People make way, guys back off, girls are flirting. People believe they are real cops and madness ensues. There are some genuine funny bits as they test what they can get away with and I’m not gonna lie.. Its got me searching fancy dress shops for handcuffs and stun guns. (it looks a helluva lot of fun!).

Lets Be Cops P1

Things enviably go wrong, as they often do, and it all gets a little out of hand for our budding fake cops as they try a bust on the biggest crime ring in the city (doh). My attention in the film wavered a little in the middle as the duo started to grate on me with their little fist bumps and tantrums, It’s saved however with the odd funny joke here and there.

As the film’s plot starts to pick up pace (about 20 minutes too late in my opinion) its does pull your interest back in and ties it all together at the end in a satisfactory kinda way.

It’s not a bad way to spend 2 hours of your life, It’s your typical formulaic, slapstick comedy movie, An average plot but you’ll have quite a few laughs along the way.

                                                                                                                      6 Rating

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