Fresh Popcorn – New Entertainment Releases This Week!

Sunset Overdrive

Each week we’ll be putting together a list of the latest entertainment that’s available to slip inside your disc spinning mechanisms, From the latest must have games to the unmissable Hollywood blockbusters.

Firstly we have Microsofts next big exclusive following on from Forza Horizon, Sunset Overdrive.

From developer Insomniac Games, famous for there Spyro & Ratchet & Clank games comes a crazy Tony Hawk mixed with Dead Rising, arcade style shoot em’ up. Jump from rooftop to rollercoaster with a large array of crazy power weapons ready to rain fire on the zombie apocalypse thats ravaging the world below.

Also this week:

  • NBA Live 15 (One/PS4)
  • WWE 2K15 (360/PS3)
  • Lords Of The Fallen (ONE/PS4)

Out on Blu-Ray:


The overweight crocodile finally swims ashore here in the UK, US get the romantic drama “Begin Again” featuring Keira Knightley & Mark Ruffalo (So this is what the Hulk gets up to when Captain Amerca is doing all the work…)

  • Godzilla (Europe)
  • Mrs Brown’s Boys (Europe)
  • Begin Again (US)
  • The Prince (US)
  • Good People (US)
  • Free Fall (US)

Any entertainment you’re looking forward to this week? Everyones been screaming for an original game.. Will you be picking up Sunset Overdrive? Lets us know in the comment below.
At times some dates may vary in Europe

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