The Coffee Break Reviews: Hercules

Is he a god amongst men or is the legend a lie? The Coffee Break Reviews.

RickWritten By: Rick Masters

Ask yourself this… What do you want from a film called Hercules? Do you want Mystical Creatures?, Huge Battles?, A Love Story?, Huge Biceps?, A Talking Fish?, Turtles?, Rabies, A Dubstep Wheelchair? – YOU CANT HAVE EVERYTHING!! (let’s be honest, that would be the perfect film!)

This however is not the perfect film… Mystical creatures were in fact very high up my expected list however the film does seem to lack a little in this department. The film certainly starts with them but within 10minutes they pretty much forget about them entirely, leaving a standard medieval war story to follow for the next hour and a half.

Its saving grace though is that it doesn’t take itself seriously. The standard medieval war story I mention has enough little twists and turns throughout that it keeps you invested in the film to the very end. We follow Hercules (Dwayne Johnson) and his little band of merry men (and woman) who become embroiled in a battle to save the realm, put into service by Lord Cotys to stamp out a rebel uprising which looks likely to overthrow the throne. The legend of Hercules itself plays a large part in the story, and serves for a great source of jokes and because the film doesn’t take itself too seriously, it just all seems to work.

the rock dude

I’ll be honest, the first half an hour or so it was very much in danger of being a very basic, by the numbers fantasy film but it does pick up, Dwayne does a good job of playing the legend, with his ridiculous mass and presence – there’s not many other actors that could play this role and do Hercules justice. The film has plenty of big set pieces which should keep the action freaks happy, although the gore and sheer scale is probably lacking a little. It does however gain extra points from me for not getting bogged down in any unnecessary romance scenes which keeps the film moving along nicely.

Overall I did enjoy this, It had some genuine surprises along the way and some really quite funny moments dotted throughout. Although I would like to see some more mystical creatures in any sequel please (And a Dubstep Wheelchair of course!)

7 rating

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