POPBACK: Thor (2011)

Thor (2011)

Written By: Rick Masters
Thor!! What is it good for? Introducing us to one of the first great Avengers with a decent origin story and character arc that’s what!
Now I’ll be completely honest, Thor isn’t my favourite comicbook heroes. The whole Norse mythology, Kings and Gods doesn’t really do it for me, Iron Man and his fancy tech is more my thing but I also completely appreciate that some people love all this nonsense.
Asgard is fantastically well done. It’s beautiful in its realm of metallic, elemental grandeur and the land of heroism and strength. The weaponry, the interior scenes and the iconic rainbow bridge were all very impressive visually.

thor 2011

Chris Hemsworth as the charming and powerful God is yet another piece of masterful casting by Marvel. With his long golden hair, annoyingly handsome face and the Shakespearean flair he brings to the role.. I cant imagine anyone else more fitting to play this character. Anthony Hopkins is a safe choice for his older mentor figure performance and he really owns his scenes, instantly summoning authority. Tom Hiddleston is hugely intriguing as Loki who we all eventually learn to love and hate in equal measure. Natalie Portman is perhaps one of the weaker elements in this story, she feels very much like the damsel in distress and its hard to believe that THOR (god of thunder) would find her even remotely interesting…. But love works in mysterious ways I suppose.
Thor not only works as an origin story, but also as an efficient introduction of the highly anticipated Avengers movie, which would soon become the unification point of Marvel’s cinematic universe. For example, we have the character of Agent Coulson conducting scientific investigations from S.H.I.E.L.D. with his accustomed astuteness and efficiency. And just like the introduction of Black Widow in Iron Man 2, Thor smoothly acquaints us with yet another character we all know and (possibly) love; Hawkeye.

It’s not all great though; One thing I have noticed on my many re-watches of Thor is that the story here is rammed full of clichés and superficial faux morals. The final scenes, although pretty cool, are hugely predictable. Some of the lines are somewhat cheesy too, and only just about get a pass thanks to the strength of their deliverance.
Action scenes are well shot and just like the remarkable work the special effects teams achieved with Asgard, they also demonstrate in the large battles both on Earth and in space. A few too many close-ups and excessive cuts/chops aside I was tremendously impressed with the closing fights.
In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed the first instalment in the THOR franchise, a character that I’d imagine is a difficult superhero to get right. After seeing Ragnarok I do feel the style and tone of the third film fit Thor’s character better. He’s a GOD that flies around with a Hammer and a cape… Not having him as grounded in reality makes much more sense and sets him apart from the Iron Mans and the Captain Americas. THOR (2011) does however pull it off and is a great introduction to the Asguardian. Thunderously good.
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