RickRick Masters

Media Student residing in Teesside university.

I eat far too many pasties that my diet allows and always get a headache just before the gym…… Want to know more?? Mmmm OK.

I’m on a mission to create an interesting space on the internet celebrating everything that is great with today’s technology and entertainment, Like most 20 something 😉 lads – I have a passion for film, I enjoy games and love to DJ and discover new music.

The thing is I want to share this with the world and hopefully interest other people into coming together and chatting about it. Delving into interesting debates and exploring other peoples opinions.

Id love you all to join us on this journey, Take the Red pill & lets see just how far this kangaroo hole goes.

Follow Twitter:       @MasterSparky
Favourite Game:     Rollercoaster Tycoon
Favourite Film:       Jurassic Park
Favourite Food:      I’m a student… So at the moment Worms with a dollop of soil is luxury goods!



JakeJake Yearwood

Currently undertaking a three year long Media Studies course, at the end of which I hope to gain work in the media industry. My main interests in the the media are films as well as the latest television shows. Specifically I am a big fan of the superhero genre so I watch almost anything related to Marvel or DC Comics.

Aside from that I am also a big football fan, my favorite team is Chelsea and I always watch them play on the TV and when lucky enough I go to the stadium to watch them. My other local team however are Middlesbrough so i visit their stadium more often with my friends.

Follow Twitter:        @jakeyearwood
Favourite Film:       500 Days Of Summer
Favourite Food:      Chicken


Nigel Asipa

Hey! I’m also a Media Student at Teeside University.  I love to talk movies, my life pretty much revolves around movies and i watch practically all sorts. There isn’t a genre i’d stay away from, whether it be foreign language, romance (including chick flicks), musicals, silent cinema, political drama, B movies, literally anything! If it has enough credibility to arouse interest, im there.

Follow Twitter: @AsipaNigel
Favourite Movie: Pulp Fiction
Favourite Food: Fried Chicken





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